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Mr. RauRauR | May 18, 2024

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Top 12 Things You Need to Know About the French Tickler Before You Use One

Top 12 Things You Need to Know About the French Tickler Before You Use One

You probably know already how to pleasure your lady love since you’re the Casanova of the 21st century. And you might have an idea how a French tickler can enhance the pleasure that you give her even more. But if you haven’t tried this special type of condom just yet and you are planning to get one soon (they’re sold separately, okay?), here are a few tidbits of information that might prove useful. Your partner might ask you questions about the new toy you’ve brought to bed, and it is best if you can answer all of them. She has to know that the tickler’s sole purpose of existence is to increase her pleasure in bed. You had better make sure that’s what comes across or you’re in for an argument, not a night of steaming sex.

12. The tickler tip is soft rubber

12 The tickler tip is soft rubber

The protrusions extending from this macho latex condom are made from very soft rubber. You’d better make that clear to you lady love lest she freak out at first sight of the rather spiky and thorny pleasure monster. The protrusions are guaranteed to increase her pleasure. That really is all you have to say. But you still need to do the work because this sleeve just enhances your own skills as a lover.

11. Bumps and crests for pleasure

11 Bumps and crests for pleasure

Some ticklers have additional crests and bumps along the shaft of the rubber. These external rubber barbs serve to increase the sensations provided by the specialized condom during sexual intercourse. Hair-like protrusions are sometimes placed along the whole length of the condom, the object being to bring the receiver to whole new levels of sexual pleasure. Here’s an advice that might serve you well later. Rather than explain how the condom increases pleasure, why don’t you just show her how it works?

10. Animal style

10 Animal style

What if we tell you that this sleeve that levels up sexual pleasure come in the form of domestic animals? Some are even shaped like plants. They also come in a variety of colors. The ticklers are typically at the end but these may also be found at the base, depending on what animal or plant-like form the condom takes. The tickler also adds girth to your pleasure organ and your lady love will definitely appreciate that, whether she has animal/plant fetish or not.

9. Pleasurable cage

9 Pleasurable cage

Some novelty ticklers are made from jelly that can be stretched over the whole length of the penile shaft. To make the condom as pleasurable as can be, the shaft is laden with nodules that provide additional stimulation during sexual intercourse.

8. They come in all shapes and sizes

8 They come in all shapes and sizes

If you want her to reach the highest throes of passion that next time you get together, make sure you bring back-up and level-up options. There are many novelty ticklers that may be ordered online, and some are armed with extra stimulatory knobs that are guaranteed to give you both a wild ride. You have to remember though that these condoms are not all tested for effectiveness in terms of protection from accidental pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. You have been warned.

7. Pleasure pearls

7 Pleasure pearls

The trend these days is to place tiny pearls along the tickler shaft, adding ribbed nodes to the length of the condom. These guaranteed pleasure enhancers might just be all you need for an all-nighter. If that is what you have planned tonight then you’d better pack a lot of these pearly treasures.

6. Additional penile length

6 Additional penile length

Aside from providing an advantage in terms of girth, the tickler also provides an additional length of 1-2 inches. These naughty implements might be all you need to reach that elusive G-spot. And the tickler tips do a great massaging job so when you find it, make sure you work it and show her what a thorough lover you are.

5. Luminous Ticklers here they come

5 Luminous Ticklers here they come

If you’re into this kind of stuff, then all you need to is go search online and find glow-in-the-dark pleasure enhancers. Connoisseurs of sexual toys and implements would definitely find these luminous bumpy condoms a worthy addition to their collection.

4. Ticklers that can be mixed and drank

4 Ticklers that can be mixed and drank

Before we move on, there are a few things that you need to know. Are you aware that there is a drink that bears the name of the specialized condom that we’ve been talking about? It is usually 40% alcohol and is made by mixing 1oz of cinnamon schnapps with the same amount of orange liqueur that is shaken on ice. It may also be made with a quarter of rum mixed with three quarters of orange liqueur. Now, that mixture can either be shaken or drunk straight up. So before you talk about having a tickler night with your girl better make sure you’re talking about the same thing.

3. Ticklers are used to apply make-up

3 Ticklers are used to apply make-up

Another namesake of the pleasure device that we are talking about happens to be a brush made from very soft material. This brush is typically used to apply powder on the face. Again, if you bring up a possible tickler all-nighter with your lady-love, make sure she knows it’s not something that she uses on her face.

2. Got your own tickler already?

2 Got your own tickler already

Another namesake of the pleasure enhancer is the goatee that men grow underneath their lower lip. If you have one, then you probably know why you have it. If you don’t then grow one and when you go down on a woman, you’ll find a number of reasons why it bears the name of a specialized pleasure implement.

1. Try one

1 Try one

If you want to expand the horizons of your sex life, then you might as well talk to your partner about trying out new things. And since the tickler’s purpose is really to pleasure her (and consequently you as well), all you need to do is use it for the purpose it’s been made and use it well.

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