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Mr. RauRauR | July 19, 2024

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Top 10 Methods on How to Prepare for Sex for a More Satisfying Experience

Top 10 Methods on How to Prepare for Sex for a More Satisfying Experience

During the early years of having sex, you may not need to prepare much for the act in order to be satisfied. As such, the sexual urge is still at its highest point and there is little, if any, need for stimulating or conditioning in order to have an arousal. It just comes automatically when you are with your partner, especially when you are new in a relationship and still young. As time goes by however, the spark declines and there is now the need for outside stimulant to heighten your sexual desire and pleasure. This should not be a problem however because there are many ways on how to prepare for sex for a more satisfying experience. Here are ten effective methods.

10. Assess the condition of the bedroom10 Assess the condition of the bedroom

One of the top factors that affect sexual satisfaction among partners is the environment. Take a look at your room for a while and try to assess if there is something you can do to enhance its ambiance and make it conducive for lovemaking. It does not have to be spic and span or to be perfectly neat. Just a little touch of romance and sensuality can perhaps help.

9. Learn about individual psyche9 Learn about individual psyche

It must be pointed out too that there are people who do not care about cluttered bedrooms or messy beds. In fact there are those who get turned on more when the room is in disarray. This has got to do with a person’s psyche, especially for the young and carefree. For mature people however, having sex in a well-kept bedroom is more of a turn on. Hence this method has a relative application.

8. Prepare yourself physicallyAfrican man jogging on road×4603465/african_man_jogging_on_road

A toned and well-conditioned body is more prepared for sex. Admittedly, the sex act entails a lot of physical engagement. You and your partner will at some point do several positions sometimes to the extent of doing almost acrobatic positions. Varied positions in sex add to the enjoyment of both partners hence do not jeopardize yourself from pleasurable experience. Be physically fit. Exercise and tone your body so that sex will be a more rewarding and enjoyable experience.

7. Drink a lot of liquids7 Drink a lot of liquids

Have plenty of liquids everyday especially water. While having sex you will perspire a lot hence you must be ready to avoid dehydration. And while you are actually making love already, place a bottle of cool water by the bedside so you and your partner can hydrate now and then in between breaks. Remember, hydration must take place not only on the day that you know you will have sex. It must be a daily habit as body conditioning does not happen overnight.

6. Go for regular workout6 Go for regular workout

Studies show that people who work out regularly either in the gym or at home have more endurance while having sex. Notably, your muscles and bones are involved completely during the act so it is important that you make them strong and powerful. Yoga and Pilates are workout regimens that are said to be very good in enhancing sex performance. Besides, regular workouts result in the production of more endorphins or the so called happy glands. It is possible that these endorphins also help in stimulating your sexual urge.

5. Take a shower regularly5 Take a shower regularly

This is a mandatory ritual that you must not miss everyday. Granting that you will take a shower before sex anyway, it is much better if you shower thoroughly everyday so you will not develop unpleasant body odor that might not be corrected with a single shower. Deodorize well, put on some perfume or cologne and apply lotion and moisturizer all over your body. Having a soft skin is also a big turn on during sex.

4. Observe proper oral hygiene4 Observe proper oral hygiene

You might chuckle but it is true there are people who brush their teeth only occasionally. Cavities easily form when the teeth are not properly cleaned and maintained regularly. Make it a habit to brush your teeth two or three times a day particularly before going to bed. Use mouthwash for fresher breath. There are mouthwash products that have special flavor and scents, which are said to turn on your partner when you kiss. You may use this product as well.

3. Shave3 Shave

This is not only for the men but for women too. Men must shave their beards and mustaches to make their face look more fresh and clear. On the other hand women must shave their underarms and legs and other parts of the body where there are unwanted hairs. If a woman prefers to go a bit kinky especially if her guy wants it that way, she may shave her genital hairs too. Some men do remove their genital hairs also for some hygienic reasons however most women seem to prefer men who do not shave that part of their body.

2. Put on a bit of make up2 Put on a bit of make up

For women, a little make up can enhance their facial looks. Men like women with smoky eyes and sultry lips. Apply some eye shadow and seductive lipstick to allure your guy even more. Tone down the light in the bedroom for better effect. You need not do your hair though. Most men like women with messy hair while they are in bed. Besides your hair will become messier as you get heated up with sex. Just run your hairbrush once to avoid tangling loose ends.

1. Wear sexy night attire1 Wear sexy night attire

Women can wear diaphanous lingerie with sexy cuts and plunging neckline. It can be any color so long as it looks good on you. Men on the other hand can wear fitting briefs and soft pajamas, which can be easily removed.

How to prepare for sex is not an instant step that you do in an hour before going to bed. It has to be incorporated in your daily activities. This way your body will be shaped up and ready for the act any time.

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