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Mr. RauRauR | April 24, 2024

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10 Ways To Easily Have Sex With Older Women

10 Ways To Easily Have Sex With Older Women

Dating an older woman is different from dating someone your age. Unlike a younger girl, older women are more mature, financially independent and won’t mess up your head. With their age and experience, they may be better lovers for younger men. But in order to get to that bed at the end, you must have the means.

Here are 10 ways to know, date and easily bed older women:


Age does matter

Age does matter in conversations. An older woman does not have to be reminded of her age. In fact, all women think of age as a sensitive topic in conversations and dates.  So here’s the secret: Never tell her that she looks good for her age. Just tell her that she looks good, period.  That should start the attraction. She’ll be over you in no time.


Not a meal ticket

An older woman might already have a successful career and secure finances, but she is not your meal ticket. She dates younger men because she chooses to and not because she needs to. She is not your sugar mama and will not tolerate you if you start to treat her that way. Once you get hooked up, she may buy you expensive gifts. But she will never pay for your rent.


Act like a man

To keep an older woman’s interest, you must act like a  mature man. Older women despise insecure men who don’t have confidence in themselves.  If a younger girl admires you if you text, call or email her all the time, the older woman will think that you are desperate. Desperation is not in her vocabulary. She’ll get along fine not having you by her side. Older women are confident and not clingy.


Be interesting

An older woman knows when you are talking crap. She’s been in this world longer than you. So if you cannot carry a good conversation and teach her something new, she will shut you off. Just take time out to read newspapers or go online to know what’s happening around. Being interesting doesn’t mean you have to know everything. Just make sure you have enough bullets to spare with her in a conversation.


Show her your humor

An older woman has more responsibilities and commitments compared to younger girls. She’s more likely to be stressed from work. Relieve some of that stress by showing off some humor. Just because she’s older doesn’t mean she’s serious with life.  Older women love to have a good time and a good laugh. You could even laugh her all the way to the bedroom if you’re really good.


No time for flakes

An older woman  has had her share of immature guys who flake their way through a relationship.  And even if she is only looking for a fling, it is always important that you should keep your promises and be a man of your word.

Be punctual. Call her at the time you said you would call her. Show up for a date on the time you agreed. An older woman won’t take any of this bull crap anymore.


She has a life

She is a woman and not a girl. Unlike girls who make their worlds revolve around their boyfriends, an older woman has her own life and priorities.  To start with, you are not on that list of priorities. But if you prove to be worthy, you’ll move up that list one step at a time. Don’t push it or you’ll only fall off the ladder. Accept that she has her own life, and she will start to re-arrange it to fit you in.


She is assertive

Older women are experienced and they are less interested in playing games with you. If they like you and want to have sex with you, they will make it very clear and may even make the first move. They are assertive, so let them be. Don’t get uncomfortable or don’t play games because these are not college girls, these are experienced women.


Honest and frank

Because of their experience and maturity, you can tell them if it’s just a one night thing or you want to see them again and they’ll be cool about it. They have been through hell and back with their exes, so it’s no big deal to them.  So just be frank and honest to them. Don’t worry about dramatic reactions. If it’s just sex you want, let her know. It’s not going to ruin her day. It’s probably the same thing she wants from a younger man like you.


Keeping it hard

Older women have an extremely high sex drive. In fact, one of the reasons why she wants a younger man is because of sexual fulfillment. By now, she must have all the experience in bed that you haven’t had. So there is only one thing that will set you apart, and this is the hard part—literally. You’ve got to learn how to keep it hard because her hunger is insatiable. Now who says Viagra is for old men?

There is a saying that goes: “Age is an issue of mind and matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”. Well that’s true, but  it’s even better in the bedroom.

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