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Mr. RauRauR | July 18, 2024

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Top 10 Suggestions to Teach How to Last Longer in Bed to Men

Top 10 Suggestions to Teach How to Last Longer in Bed to Men

Sexual relationships between partners can be more enjoyable if the man and woman know how to satisfy each other. However there are many instances when the woman is left unsatisfied because the man could no longer hold on for further playful acts. In most cases it is the woman who suffers more because when a man has already reached his climax but the woman is yet to go that point, the man can no longer sustain his performance. This happens mostly when a man is extra aroused and he reaches the peak too soon. To help partners have a more lasting fun together, here are top 10 suggestions to teach how to last longer in bed to men.

10. Stop in the middle of foreplay

10 Stop in the middle of foreplay

At one point during foreplay, the man may become too aroused that he could no longer control his urge. When he feels he is nearing the point of no return, he must stop the foreplay so he and his partner can take a break and cool down. You can resume talking in the meanwhile while you let the sparks decrease a bit. You can then resume playing, touching and kissing and if it helps to enhance the experience, exchange dirty talks. Pleasuring each other orally can tremendously heighten arousal until such time that both of you are ready for the actual deed. Try to follow this routine each time as you get used to the rhythm of your and your partner’s arousal pattern.

9. Switch positions

9 Switch positions

Change your positions if you feel that you are having too much pleasure. This is to prevent you from having premature orgasm and to allow your partner to gain momentum so that both of you will reach the top at the same time. Ask her which pose she prefers for her utmost gratification. Each time you think you have hit something sensitive let her know you want to satisfy her to the max. Such words of encouragement will put her to the edge and you can now work on your part as well so both of you are simultaneously gratified.

8. Prolong the missionary position8 Prolong the missionary position

The reason why men can hold out longer with missionary position is that they have more control of the lovemaking pace. Hence if they feel they are ready to burst they can slow down to seize the moment a little longer for the sake of the woman. And since the man is the one who manages the tempo he can decide when to go slower or faster depending on his ability to control his resistance.

7. Use a condom

7 Use a condom

Even if you have no issue on safe sex simply because you are doing it with a single partner all the time, and pregnancy is out of the question, you can use condom to help you manage the sensation that results from the rubbing of your genitals. There is more pleasure in unprotected sex because of the direct flesh-to-flesh contact. However you must not deprive yourself too of the real sensation of sex experience because of condom use. When you and your woman are already at the brink, you can take out the protection aid and go all the way. This depends of course, on whether or not you have issues on STDs or pregnancy.

6. Use a few drops of lotion or lubricant

6 Use a few drops of lotion or lubricant

By applying some drops of lubricant on your genital, the friction will be lessened during intercourse. With this, the grip is also minimized and the result is reduction of pleasure. When you follow this suggestion, make sure though that the lubrication will wear out by the time you have regained your tempo as you get near the climax. Hence it is important that only a little amount of lubricant is applied so you do not jeopardize your own satisfaction toward the end.

5. Try to be more relaxed in the beginning

5 Try to be more relaxed in the beginning

Do not rush because you will have much more of the experience as you go along. Try to relax at first and do it slowly while savoring each sensual moment with your partner. Talking in between kissing and petting is one trick that can ease down your pace as you condition yourselves for the main act.

4. Avoid too much drink before sex

Couple in Romantic Embrace

There is no substantial basis to what most people believe that alcohol removes inhibitions so that a drunk person becomes more sexually aggressive after drinking. The truth is, alcohol weakens the lasting power of a guy in bed. In fact some erectile dysfunction problems in men are associated with drinking. So if you want to last longer in bed, moderate your alcohol intake before doing it with your partner.

3. Strengthen your stamina through regular exercise

3  Strengthen your stamina through regular exercise

One of the secrets of lasting longer in bed is to build your stamina through exercise. Often the reason for your inability to have self-control in sex is your lack of physical activity.

2. Practice control through masturbation

Portrait of young man, eyes closed

Practice self-control through masturbation. While you are pleasuring yourself and you feel you are approaching the peak, stop. Rest for a while and then resume again. Do this several times until you have conditioned yourself in withholding the pleasure until you reach a point when you are ready to let it come.

1. Psych yourself out

1 Psych yourself out

According to sex experts the biggest sex organ is the brain. Thinking of images that easily turns you on is an effective way of kindling and sustaining sex urges. On the other hand this can be utilized when a guy wants the sex act to last longer. He can focus and defocus his mind so that when he needs to slow down, he must free his mind from erotic thoughts. And when he is ready to pick up all the way, he must focus on images that stimulate his sexual desire.

How to last longer in bed for men is one of the concerns of most men. For most guys, their lasting power somewhat defines their strength and ability as a lover and sex partner. By following the suggestions given above, this concern can be addressed properly.

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