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Mr. RauRauR | March 14, 2024

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Top 10 Freaky Sex Positions to Provide More Thrill and Variation

Top 10 Freaky Sex Positions to Provide More Thrill and Variation

Couples sometimes like to experiment with different sex positions to break the monotony of their usual routines. Some take a shower together and make love while standing under the water. Others soak in the Jacuzzi or bathtub together where they end up in a passionate sex act. Still others like to be more daring so they do it in the car or in other parts of the house such as the garage or veranda.

These variations result to more enjoyment and fun for couples. They can actually try out some freak positions as the ones portrayed in the famous Kama Sutra.

Here are 10 examples of these freaky sex positions that provide more thrill and excitement.

10. Lotus position

10 Lotus position

In this sex position, the man is underneath the woman. The man fixes her body in the shape of an L while he sits down as his legs are close together.

On the other hand the woman sits on the man in a lotus position where her legs are crossed against the man’s stomach. It will look like the woman is riding on the man’s lap while in a lotus pose.

Meanwhile both of them have to grip each other’s back or buttock in order for them to stay in place the whole time. It is quite hard to move at this point so the man and the woman have to synch up their moves in order to feel the sensation of penetration.

9. Wheelbarrow position

9 Wheelbarrow positionThis is another challenging sex pose for both the man and woman. However, though it is freaky, it allows for deeper penetration and higher sensual sensation.

The man has to stand up with the woman’s legs in his hands. The woman has to support her upper weight with her hands flat on the floor a she remains in a position with her face downward. Meanwhile the man has the leverage now to do most of the movements. This is difficult on the part of the woman because she has to support herself on her hands the whole time.

8. Handcuffed sex style

8 Handcuffed sex styleThe man has the most control in this sex position. He enters the woman from the rear with the woman bent down and facing downward. Her whole body is away from the man except her lower torso, which meets his groin. The man gathers the woman’s hands and places them on his chest level. He then grips both the woman’s hands while he does the movements. At the point when the man’s thrusts get stronger as he reaches climax, the woman is forced to bend down further until her face almost touches her feet.

7. Head rush sex position

7  Head rush sex position

A form of oral sex, the head rush is a freaky position to a higher degree. The woman bends down with her back on the man. Her genitals and anus are fully exposed before the man who then does oral contact.

The woman in this position has her face completely down the floor as the man holds her feet up for support.

This is very challenging since the man has to take care not to drop the woman abruptly after doing oral sex or she might be injured.

6. Perfect Angel Pose

6 Perfect Angel PoseMeant for threesome sex, this position involves a man and two women. The man lies down on his back while the women position themselves.

The first woman spreads her legs across the man’s face in kneeling position and facing away from the man.

The man then has full access of the woman’s vagina so he can do oral sex.

On the other hand the second woman sits on the man’s penis to allow penetration.

The two women are now facing one another so that they can kiss and caress each other.

5. Froggie position

5  Froggie positionThis is pretty much like the doggie style only that the woman does not have to go on all fours. She just squats like she is ready to jump, copying the position of the frog when it is about to leap.

The man on the other hand kneels behind the woman where he penetrates her. Most of the movements are on the man and the woman can only help by thrusting her buttocks up and down to meet the man’s moves.

4. Yogi style

4 Yogi styleThis is another challenging position and both man and woman have to maintain their pose until they both reach the climax.

This is beneficial for the woman because she does no have to push her face on the mattress or pillows while the man enters her from behind. This is known as the inverted doggie style where the woman lies on the floor and arches her back upward so the man who is in a kneeling position can enter her.

3. Lap Dance

3 Lap DanceThis is quite easy to do and the major player here is the woman. With the man sitting on a couch or edge of the bed as he leans back with his hands as support, the woman sits facing away from him.

The penetration happens from behind. It is like the woman is sitting on the man. This position allows the man to make full thrusts.

2. Circus Freak style

2 Circus Freak styleThis requires a lot of flexibility.

The man and woman face each other in a standing position. She raises a leg up to her partner’s shoulder while he enters her below and holding her leg to support her as she stands on the other leg.

1. Inverted missionary position

1  Inverted missionary positionAs a variation to the regular missionary position, a couple can try the inverted style. The man lies on his back and the woman climbs on top of him with her back on his face. With him inside her, the woman thrusts her torso forward with her weight on her hands while her feet are placed on the level of the man’s face.

It must be a thrilling experience to experiment on some of these freaky sex positions while having sex with your partner. But not all of these styles are appropriate for every couple. You have to do some trial and error acts and if you find the right position for you, you can then perform it again the next time.

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