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Mr. RauRauR | July 21, 2024

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Top 10 Easy World Records to Break and What Activities to Do to Make Them Possible

Top 10 Easy World Records to Break and What Activities to Do to Make Them Possible

People love to set world trends and break records. The Guinness Book of World Records actually is now full of entries and more are vying to be included in the list. Everywhere in the world there are contenders who attempt to beat the latest world record by giving in more efforts into their game. Everything that can be possibly done under the sun is welcome and can be sent as an entry to the world record book. Some eat and walk on live coals, others stay awake for as long as they can and there are those who pose challenge on the longest kiss ever recorded. It is a bit crazy if you think of the reason why people do it. But if you do want to try, here are 10 easy world records to break.

10. Eating the most M&M’s chocolatesCA_group

You may think of this attempt to be easy because you love to eat chocolates anyway. This depends however on the person’s threshold and how far and how long he can take the challenge. Moreover if there is an existing record of the most M&M’s chocolates eaten, then you should exceed the number to a comfortable allowance. Hence if the previous record counted one thousand for instance, the new record must be around 1,500 or more.

9. Setting a record on the most number of cockroaches eaten9  Setting a record on the most number of cockroaches eaten

This is another test of endurance and tolerance. How can you do this? There must be a time record for the attempt. So if the previous record holder ate 36 roaches in the span of one minute, do it at the same clocking but you have to eat more. The way to do this is to have the roaches cooked or prepared the same way that the previous record setter did. Put a handful in your mouth at one time and chew them rapidly then swallow. Follow up with water. Be ready to smell the foul odor of the insects however, and be careful not to throw up or you lose.

8. Most tattooed person8  Most tattooed person

Clearly this is easy to break as well. To ensure that you get the title for a lifetime, you need to have your whole body tattooed including perhaps your face! And if there is still room for the contest you can have your palms and soles covered with tattoos as well.

7. Longest distance walked by a person7  Longest distance walked by a person

This is very easy to do. You just have to get ready with your walking shoes, your water container, knap sack for your personal needs, rain gear and yourself. To do this, research first about the existing world record of the longest distance walked by a person. Know his location so you know more or less the weather condition when he set the record. Take note of the time and distance of his walk and that’s it. You are ready to break the record.

6. Largest salad ever made6  Largest salad ever made

This challenge can be done in one instant. However the difficulty here lies on the preparation of the ingredients. This has got to be a concerted effort by the whole community if possible because no person can do it alone. The gathering of the vegetables and ingredients, the place where the salad will be mixed, the people who will assist in the task and other considerations must be noted.

5. Longest line of shoes5  Longest line of shoes


This is one of the easiest challenges to take. All you need to do is invite people to come together on a particular day to take part in the attempt to set a world record. They all take off their shoes, line them along the beach perhaps and then you take the measurement of the line from beginning to end. You can calculate the length of the line beforehand by counting the expected participants. Make sure to set the rule, in which you might ask each one to use only the shoes they have on. You also need to classify the type of shoes that you will use so that there is uniformity.

4. Breaking the record of the longest time trapped in an elevator4  Breaking the record of the longest time trapped in an elevator

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record holder for this challenge is Cypriot Papajohn, a 76-year old woman who stayed in an elevator for six days. The duration of her being trapped in the elevator was from December 28, 1987 up to January 2, 1988. She survived because she had some groceries with her and so she did not starve. You can break this record by riding an isolated elevator, which is never used. While you are going up or down, press the emergency stop button. This will halt the elevator and you cannot get out unless there is help from outside that will assist you. Ensure your supply of water and food to keep you alive.

3. Longest time for a hug3  Longest time for a hug

If there is a world record for the longest kiss, there must also be one for the longest hug. This is quite easy to do and the only problem probably is finding the right partner who is willing to hug with you during the challenge. To be able to set a longer clock time on the record, prepare for the activity many days before. First of all, you have to train physically to boost your endurance. Second, you have to learn how to hold back thirst and hunger for a long time. You need assistants here to take note of the time and to give you food or drink whenever necessary.

2. Most number of playing card collection2  Most number of playing card collection

This might take a long time because you need to bring together as many decks of cards that you can, possibly everyday. The trick is to borrow from friends aside from buying on your own. It can be quite expensive but if you are aiming for a world record, the cost means nothing.

1. Longest waking time for a person1  Longest waking time for a person

This is perhaps the easiest to do in terms of preparation. You just have to condition your body and try to practice by staying awake most nights.

Attempting to break or set world records is a brave thing to do. You will be known in the entire world and you will set an example to others. Nevertheless with these easy to break world records, you have to take precaution when doing the challenges for your own safety.

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