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Mr. RauRauR | June 17, 2024

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Top 10 Exercises That Burn Fat Without Building Up Muscle Bulk

Top 10 Exercises That Burn Fat Without Building Up Muscle Bulk

The benefits of exercises that burn fat do not just include making us look good and feel better about ourselves. These exercises improve the state our health, particularly that of our cardiovascular system. Regularly engaging in what are known as aerobic exercises that burn the fat stored in our body are proven scientifically to reduce the risk for heart disease and stroke. The physiological of these exercises are lowered baseline blood pressure and heart rate, lower cholesterol levels, and greater endurance. Aerobic exercises are guaranteed to burn a lot of calories and can help you lose one pound of excess weight at a time. With exercises that rid us of excess fat, there’s no need to be concerned about gaining muscle bulk. Unlike very specific strengthening exercises that target muscle development, the following exercises are designed for general body conditioning and weight loss without adding muscle to your figure.

10. How about circuit training?10 How about circuit training

Circuit training is an exercise routine that involves weight-lifting. This is not necessarily an aerobic type of exercise, but coupled with dietary modifications, you’d have a slim and toned figure in a few months’ time. Unlike typical weight-lifting routines, circuit training involves the use of lower weights and more repetitions of moderate exercise on the arms and legs. Cardiovascular exercises can be incorporated in between. Some of the elements of circuit training are bench press, squats, triceps extensions, and biceps curls. For circuit training to be effective, incorporate eight to 12 exercise components.

9. No more flabby thighs9 No more flabby thighs

Excess fatty tissue tends to be deposited on the thigh area in some individuals. Here are two effective means of removing the unsightly flab from your thighs. Engaging in general body conditioning exercise will help deal with your flabby thighs, but you may also do exercises that target your thighs in particular. In order to have toned thighs, you can do either leg kicks or plies. When doing leg kicks, stand in front a stable surface and hold onto it firmly to maintain balance as you lift either leg upwards and to the side with knees extended. When you do plies, stand with your legs two feet apart, bend both knees to 45 degrees and then go back upwards with your back straight. You can do 24 repetition in one set and two sets per day, everyday or thrice week for both exercises.

8. Step on that treadmill8 Step on that treadmill

If you are the indoor type, you can burn as much as 500 calories daily just by spending quality time on a treadmill. A daily routine on the treadmill will also energize you throughout the day. Increasing your daily activity also contributes to more weight loss. Choosing to walk during errands and take the stairs instead of the elevator will help you achieve the calorie deficit you are aiming for more quickly and more efficiently.

7. Walk as much as you can7 Walk as much as you can

And since we’re on the subject of increasing daily physical activity, the most economical way of losing excess fat is to allot time to walk at least a mile daily. If you have the time, make it two miles per day, at least. Fast walking is good with burning fat and toning your muscles. To supplement these daily walks, you can opt not to use the car for errands that are within walking distance.

6. Jogging is the crowd favorite6 Jogging is the crowd favorite

Jogging may have become a fad, but its benefits to the body can never be underestimated. Jogging is a very legitimate way of losing excess body fat. It is one of the most popular aerobic exercises that many already engage in. Jogging greatly improves cardiovascular endurance and tones the lower extremities very effectively without causing muscle build-up. You’d better join the fad if you want to lose the excess fat pronto.

5. Start cycling5 Start cycling

If you’d rather be outdoors while losing weight and burning excess fat rather than sweating it out inside on a stair climber, better get on that bike. You may have ridden a bike in your youth to hang out with friends and explore the neighborhood, or run errands and earn some cash on a paper route. But now that you’re a grown-up, you can utilize cycling as a regular aerobic exercise. Now, you may have noticed that avid and professional cyclists tend to be way too skinny. It’s unavoidable if you engage fully in the sport. But even if you do cycling regularly, you can maintain the muscle bulk that you have by doing some light weight lifting on the side.

4. Squats4 Squats

Here’s another exercise to burn fat and tone the lower half of your body. Doing squats with weights also tone the trunk and upper arms and may be done using dumbbells that you can buy from sports supplies outlet, if you prefer exercising at home. The key is to squat far enough downward, as if you are sitting on a chair. The goal is to lower your thighs with your back and head upright and holding it for one to two seconds before getting back up. If you do this exercise thrice weekly properly, and with 12-24 repetitions each time, you’d get good results sooner than expected.

3. Jump!3 Jump!

For this exercise, all you need is a jumping rope and enough headspace to jump. Jumping rope and related exercises involving sustained jumping such as trampoline work is helpful in losing weight by burning excess fat wherever they are deposited in the body.

2. Group aerobics2 Group aerobics

For individuals who want their exercise periods to be as fun as possible, group aerobics is a great means of burning calories and not gaining muscle bulk. Still, be reminded that exercise is just half of the bargain because if you eat more than the calories you burn, you will have fun with the aerobics classes but you don’t end up losing that much weight.

1. Swimming1 Swimming

Swimming is a sport, a recreational activity, and a favorite aerobic activity among many individuals. It is an excellent activity to engage in if you are fully devoted to losing weight. Moderate swimming exercises result in a toned and slim physique, and can be done in a swimming pool or outdoors in the ocean or a lake.

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