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Mr. RauRauR | June 19, 2024

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Top 10 Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Might Get You a Date with a Girl

Top 10 Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Might Get You a Date with a Girl

If getting the attention of the girl you really like almost seems next to impossible and is similar to crossing a minefield, then it is time to do something about it. It is only justifiable for a guy to figure out ways to have the chance to speak to a girl that he likes a lot, no matter what it takes. And one of the most effective things to do, believe it or not, is by using cheesy pick up lines. Sometimes, the way to a girl’s heart is through humor, and many girls still appreciate corny guys. Still, it is very risky and it does not necessarily guarantee success. But when it works it sure is worth all the risk. Timing and delivery is very important but you have to be determined as well. Here are 10 suggestions on how you should go forward.

10. Was your father an alien? Because there is no one else on Earth like you!

10 Was your father an alien

Asking this question to the girl you like might leave her wondering at first why you asked something like that. She might misinterpret your meaning, or she might not. The point is, you’ve left an impression. The key to success when asking this question is giving the proper tone and facial expression. It is better not to wait for a response on the first part and just deliver the second part in the sweetest way you know how.

9. I’ve seemed to have lost my number. Can I have yours?

9 I’ve seemed to have lost my number

This punch line is very famous and could definitely give you a homerun. As common as it sounds, it has been proven to actually work. The only problem when delivering this kind of pick up line is the manner and attitude that it is given. The basic rule on conveying punch lines to a girl is to not act fresh and rude. You should be confident but do not overdo it.

8. Is your name David? I want to be Goliath and fall for you.

8 Is your name David

Asking a girl if her name is David is kind of stupid since it is a man’s name. You might sound really dumb asking this question at first but it all lies on how you say it. A pause should not be present when this line is delivered. It should be continuously uttered to sound romantic and heart-warming because that’s what it wants to convey. It should also just be in a spur of the moment thing so that the girl will be surprised and at the same time flattered.

7. Would you like some raisins? How about a date?

7 Would you like some raisins

Asking a girl for a date can really start with an ice breaker such as this. Using food as a preliminary introduction can be considered an ingenuous plan since the girl would not instantly suspect what your initial motives are. The only trouble about this punch line is that the girl might actually not get it at first. Yes, that’s very possible. Since raisins and dates are related to one another, she might actually think that the date you are talking about is the fruit and not about the both of you going on a stroll or something. But if she’s really smart, it could grant you that walk in the park you’re hoping for, and maybe more.

6. Did it hurt? When you fell out of heaven?

6 Did it hurt

Comparing the girl you like to a fallen angel could go either way. The first thing you must hope to come into the girl’s mind is that she takes it as a compliment. When you ask someone if they fell out from heaven, you are of course talking about their angelic beauty. The only loophole with this punch line is that the girl might actually think you are comparing her to a fallen angel (the one who was thrown out of heaven.) Just always remember that the key to a successful punch line is the delivery and you’ll do fine.

5. Do you come with coffee and cream? Because you’re my sugar.

5 Do you come with coffee and cream

Cutting down on your sugar is advisable most especially for those who have diabetes. But when talking about the sweetness of a girl, which is commonly related to sugar, it would not hurt to take more than what is fairly regular. Comparing someone to a sweet stuff is a usual compliment and would certainly give you plus points to a woman’s heart.

4. I think I was blind before I met you.

4 I think I was blind before I met you.

This is not the same about saying that love is blind. When you say love is blind, it means that it does not dwell on the wrongs or mistakes of the relationship because you are in love. This punch line is very sweet to hear since it clearly states the feeling you have for the girl you like. And it could endear you to her instantly, so why don’t you head out and try it now?

3. Date me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Gertrude?

3 Date me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Gertrude

This is also a shot in the dark to get a date but the odds are you might get one if it goes well. How many girls have the name Gertrude? Who knows? The odds are like a thousand to one. So what is the possibility that the girl you like is named Gertrude? You’ll just have to cross your fingers and pray that this works. (Or you can always Google search for an alternate name.)

2. Roses are red; Violets are blue; Love never crossed my mind until I met you.

2 Roses are red

There has been a lot of tweaking done to this landmark quotation and this is one of them. It has been used over the centuries and has evolved into many forms and contents. And since it’s a classic cheesy line, it probably works. Delivering this punch line to a girl should make her feel really special and unique.

1. Did you just fart? Because you blew me away!

1 Did you just fart

Never cross the ring of fire if you are not prepared for what may happen. It is advised that this is delivered only as a means to break the ice (and when you’ve ascertained that she has a sense of humor) because not all women would react positively to this punch line. As it is always advised, the manner of delivery is very critical as well as the timing. To some, this might sound very offensive even though you are only seeking a decent laugh. (And a date, of course.)

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