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Mr. RauRauR | June 17, 2024

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Top Ten Corny Jokes Guaranteed to Break the Ice

Top Ten Corny Jokes Guaranteed to Break the Ice

One of the hardest things to do is to make people laugh and that is no joke. What is considered humorous differs with every individual so you really cannot please everybody. A joke is deemed corny if it has no logic at all or there is no sense or relation to whatever the joke is pertaining to. Corny jokes aren’t that much fun, actually but the fact that they are corny does not mean that they cannot be used as ice breakers or as fillers to ease a tense situation. More often than not jokes like this make people open up and feel more comfortable. Here are a few short jokes to carry around just in case the situation needs one or two.

10. “Why did the tomato blush? It’s because he saw the salad dressing!”

10 Why did the tomato blush

Corny, right? But it could break the ice in a tense dinner situation, for example. It’s quite easy to understand, and the play of words makes the joke work well enough. A blushing red tomato and a “dressing” salad would hardly generate raucous laughter, but it will do for starters.

9. “Why didn’t the eagles want to fly over the bay? Because they didn’t want to become bagels!”

9 Why didn’t the eagles want to fly over the bay

It is a common fact that bagels are fried bread that taste really good. In the real world it is quite impossible for bagels to contain eagle meat. But that’s the sense of the joke – it makes no sense because it’s just another play on words. The words eagles and bagels are just combined. But they rhyme, and that helps make it work. And don’t you worry about eating bagels with eagles since hunting eagles is prohibited. It’s just a joke, okay?

8. “What do you get when two peas fight? Black-eyed peas!”

8 What do you get when two peas fight

This joke is corny because it is predictable. Since the group Black Eyed Peas is very famous, just hearing the first part of the joke would let you have a hint on what is to come. The delivery of this joke might require a quick delivery because the person you are telling the joke to might actually know it already and get ahead of you. If that happens, the element of surprise is gone and the joke won’t work at all.

7. “What do you call nuts hanging on your wall? Walnuts.”

7 What do you call nuts hanging on your wall

This is another classic failure and real corny. That’s why it’s on the list. People would laugh on the joke not because it is funny but because of how corny it sounds. (After all, why on earth would anyone hang a nut or their wall? It would only attract insects and maybe wildlife as well.) The problem with this joke, and the reason why it is corny is that it also has the keywords imbedded within the question making it easy to answer. A good joke has got to be surprising and unexpected. But this list is not about good jokes, is it?

6. “I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.”

6 I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger

To some this would sound very stupid or it could be very funny. If you rationalize it, there are tons of ways to dodge an incoming baseball. You could either duck or just move away. It really isn’t smart to just wait for it to get bigger which means it’s getting closer to your face at 80 miles an hour. But it is not meant to be rationalized. With the right delivery, this corny joke could actually save your day.

5. “What did the right eye said to the left eye? In between us, there’s something that smells!”

5 What did the right eye said to the left eye

It is quite cute just to imagine both of your eyes talking to each other and picking up the nose as an underdog. The right eye in this scenario has quite the attitude nonetheless the humor. Kids would certainly be entertained with this joke if you pull it off with a cross-eyed scenario. Kids would definitely find this funny.

4. “Why was the math book sad? Because it has many problems.”

4 Why was the math book sad

Give this joke a break. It’s really corny, but take heart and consider that every Math book should already be bleeding tears with pages and pages of hard problems to solve. You can relate to this feeling if you have the same affliction when it comes to Math. So express your disdain all you want with this corny joke, but have some empathy on the Math book, alright?

3. “The traffic light said to the car, “Don’t look at me, I’m changing.”

3 The traffic light said to the car

In this joke the traffic light acts like a girl changing her clothes at the middle of the street. That would be a site to see indeed. This joke is funny because it is so corny. And it is in the same league as the tomato and the salad dressing joke. A joke like this is suitable to be told on traffic violators to lighten up their mood.

2. “What’s the strongest noodles in the world? Wanton (one-ton) noodles!”

2 What’s the strongest noodles in the world

Now, that takes a little bit of thought. If you heard it delivered and didn’t see the “one ton” in parenthesis, would you have gotten it immediately? This is a rather smart word play and is quite a good joke. But it is still corny. When you deliver this joke, there has to be a stress put to the pronunciation of the “Wanton” part for people to get the joke right. A one-ton noodle would surely be heavy on the belly. The problem with this noodle is not the taste but the weight; you would not want to eat something this heavy. You will sure have loose bowel movement. (We’re trying another corny joke which probably didn’t work.)

1. “Who is the strongest person in the world? A person who cooks wanton (one-ton) noodles!”

1 Who is the strongest person in the world

We like our #2 corny joke so much we even gave a follow-up. After the previous joke, this should make more sense. Who could ever cook noodles weighing a ton if he is not the strongest in the world?

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