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Mr. RauRauR | June 1, 2024

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Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities with Large Breasts (That are Real)

Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities with Large Breasts (That are Real)

Being well-endowed is an asset that a busty actress should be proud of. And despite the infamous reputation, they ought to be thankful because a lot of people aren’t as blessed as they are.

Some of the Hollywood stars with small boobs even undergo expensive surgeries to put implants to boost their cup size. It is sometimes said that large breasts can become your ticket to fame in Hollywood (and other places). Since actresses sometimes need to wear sexy outfits or need to look sexy depending on the film they are shooting, having huge boobs would certainly save the production a lot of work and makeup.

Here are 10 of the curviest actresses in Hollywood today.

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brooklyn-decker-sexy10. Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn started as a model and is now a Hollywood babe after her first appearance in an Adam Sandler movie. She left the world of modeling since her large boobs were not appreciated. After all almost all ramp models have skinny bodies and small boobs. Hollywood was very lucky to have this model turned actress since the movie world loves a nice pair of jugs. She is also proud that her primary asset is all natural and surgery free.

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katy-perry-front9. Katy Perry

Wishing to have big breast even when she was little, this pop star had her wish come true and got even more. Blessed with natural beauty and a natural grown bust, she is likely to be one of the hottest pop singers the world has ever seen. So, don’t get surprised if almost all of her outfits on every concert and every event she attends showcases her natural goods. She has it so she flaunts it.

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jessica_simpson8. Jessica Simpson

Jessica has really awesome natural boobs that she is very proud of. However, she wishes that her butt should at least come close to the size of her boobs to make the proportion closer to ideal. Now that she is already a mom, her huge breasts have gotten a lot bigger. The past few years of being a mom should be very tough on her boobs since the more it gets big, the heavier it weighs as well.

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7. Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians became famous in Hollywood not only because of their good looks but also because of their curvy bodies. The first thing you might notice with Kim is her nicely shaped butt. Her boobs were really unnoticed before the scandal went out on the Internet with her ex-boyfriend. Unlike her sister Kourtney, Kim is proud to say that her boobs are all natural and nothing has been implanted or altered. A lot of her pictures show tight dresses with plunging necklines. Why not show the world her nice rack? The mixture is just unreal. Big boobs with a nice ass is a perfect combination.

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Halle-Berry6. Halle Berry

This Bond girl / Catwoman is a force to be reckoned with since she has a nice pair of boobs considering her height. Her boobs were unnoticed at first whenever she plays a role that does not require her to use sexy outfits. She’s also a good actress, that’s why. When she became a Bond girl, the role showcased her natural boobs that many were very surprised to see. Who would have thought that a little body like hers can carry a nice pair of breasts? Catwoman proved to be an exciting role for her since she has to wear a tight leather suit that showcases not only her beautiful body but also her all natural breasts.

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Sofia Vergara5. Sofia Vergara

All hail Columbia for giving us Sofia Vergara. Sofia was’s Most Desirable Woman of 2012. Are you still wondering why she got that title? We believe the reason is pretty obvious. She is very proud to have the breast that she has. Have you seen her pictures in a bikini? The great thing about Sofia is that she does not care if you stare at her body. She would love to share them with the whole world. And she’s also an award-winning comedienne.

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Tyra_Banks_Swimsuit4. Tyra Banks

Supermodels leaving the career behind in exchange for a spot in Hollywood has been the ongoing trend. Tyra Banks is one of the hottest supermodels you could ever encounter. The walk and the pose are to die for. Even though she left her career in modeling she was greatly accepted by the Hollywood community since she has the looks not to mention the boobs. Continuously being bugged by rumors that she had plastic surgery, Tyra proved that what she has is real by undergoing a sonogram.

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Jennifer-Love-Hewitt23. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Singer and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has caught the eyes of men for years now. Not only do men love it when she sings and acts, they also love it when she shows them just a peak of the mountain she has hidden under her clothes. Hewitt became famous from the Scream movies as well as her carrier single, “Barenaked.” Watch the film and the MTV to see what she’s made of.

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scarlette2. Scarlett Johansson

The agent we all loved in the Avengers Movie surely has a sexy side. Scarlett played many roles on different films but most men don’t actually notice her great acting skills. What they are focused on is to just get a glimpse on the cleavage she has since the whole world knew she has nice boobs when her nude pictures were leaked.

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Salma-Hayek1. Salma Hayek

The list would never be complete without actress, director, and producer Salma Hayek on top. This mid 40s actress defied every boob in the showbiz industry not because they are just big but they are all natural and was bestowed upon her through endless prayers. She confesses that during her teenage years she was lacking the size of the breast she wanted. It was only until she reached the age of maturity when her boobs are starting to get bigger and bigger. At the age of 45, Salma still has the rack to rock your world.

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  1. Nate

    Jennifer Love Hewitt was not in the Scream movies, that was Neve Campbell, she was in I Know What You Did Last Summer. But you’re right, she is way hot.

  2. rbay

    Uh, ever hear of Natasha Henstridge, Kat Dennings, Thora Birch, Eva Amurri? I’d put them up over Kim Lardassian, JLH, Scarjo, and Whiney Berry

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