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Mr. RauRauR | June 4, 2024

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10 Easy Moves To Turn Any Woman On

10 Easy Moves To Turn Any Woman On

Turning a woman on is certainly an age-old art that takes time to master. And this is why most guys fail at it. It’s either you are trying too hard or you have no idea what you are doing at all.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips to turn on your girl’s horny button anytime you want to:

10. Buy her flowers

10. Buy her flowers Most women respond to flowers. Whether they are in a good mood or having a bad day, giving your woman a bouquet of awesomely-arranged flowers will definitely turn her on.

Why? It’s just science. We men don’t understand it but it makes women happy that’s why we do it in the first place. Make sure that you are in good terms with your local florist so you can have flowers ready whenever you order one. This comes in handy when you’ve done something to make your partner furious or want her to be in the mood for the night.

9. Take her out to a fancy dinner.

9. Take her out to a fancy dinnerA treat to a fine dining experience is something that women look forward to. Whether you’ve been together for a few weeks or a number of years, your woman likes to be treated like a queen.

During the date, don’t forget to pay extra attention to your woman. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in your world and you’ll easily earn her admiration in return.

8. Prepare a romantic night at home.

8. Prepare a romantic night at home When your woman comes home, surprise her with a candlelight dinner with some sensual music in the background. Throw in some rose petals on the bed and you’ve got yourself a night both of you won’t forget. Once she sees how much effort you put in to make her feel special, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be turned on. 

7. Dress to impress.

7. Dress to impress Women hate slobs. Whether you’re in a relationship or attempting to get the attention of a woman, make an attempt to dress up nicely. A well-tailored suit is to a woman as a bikini is to a man–remember that.

Check out the latest in men’s fashion every once in a while to make sure you always keep your best foot forward. 

6. Bring out the Alpha Male in you.

6. Be the alpha male The term “alpha male” presents a variety of attributes that could turn a woman on. For instance, being able to make decisions on your own is a huge turn-on for women.

Alpha males do not need to be always aggressive. They’re simply comfortable in their own skin. It’s like being a boss without acting arrogant. And for modern women, that kind of self-confidence translates to an oozing sex appeal.

5. Think and act smart.

5. Be smart Staying smart doesn’t mean you have to be a bookish, Einstein-like weirdo. Intelligence is a huge turn-on for women and you can sharpen your mind by simply reading good books and staying updated about current events.. Being able to hold a conversation and make it interesting are qualities only genuinely attractive men can pull off. 

4. Stay fit and healthy.

4. Be physically fit Go to the gym at least thrice a week and hit those weights. Showing off your toned abs and bulging biceps will make a woman drool regardless of whatever she says. Keeping yourself in best shape not only makes you a chic magnet but also gives you the edge of living a longer, healthier life. 

3. Wear attractive scent.

3. Smell good Wherever you go or whatever you do, take a shower before meeting up with a woman. Even if you look like a million bucks but smell like the city dump, there is no chance in hell you will be able to turn a woman on.

 Take a shower before a date and splash on a bit of cologne. Women are turned on by a good-smelling man, and that is a scientific fact! On the other hand, be careful of how much cologne you splash on. Sometimes, a little can go a long way so use it sparingly.

2. Whisper in her ear.

2.  Whisper in her ear When you are out and speaking to a woman you are interested in, try to whisper close to her ears. This is a seduction technique that works like a charm, depending on how you pull it off. The goal is to make her feel like you are telling her something private.  And don’t forget that breathing on her ears can definitely send shivers down her spine.


1. Catch her off guard.

1. Get her drunk If all else fails, there’s no better way to turn a woman on than getting her intoxicated. If a woman is inebriated, she lets down her guard and her decisions are impaired. Even if she hated you at first, alcohol tells her that she likes you and that’s what matters most. Use this opportunity to start a conversation, know her weaknesses, and explore her naughtier side more. 

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