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Mr. RauRauR | June 12, 2024

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Top 10 Questions to Ask on First Date Situations and How to Ask Them

Top 10 Questions to Ask on First Date Situations and How to Ask Them

The hardest part of getting a date is actually over. You have already asked her out and she agreed, for whatever reason she may have. Your job is to not screw it up, plain and simple. Believe it or not, getting a girl to say yes to you is not that hard at all. Make yourself look like a viable mate or a desirable one at the very least, and you can have a lot of first dates. However, screwing up the date is often the problem which is why a follow-up seldom happens. This happens due to a number of reasons and one of them is not asking the right questions in getting to know your date better. You may be asking a couple of things from her, but are they appropriate to ask? Here are some questions to ask on first date situations.

10. Pay Attention to What She Says, Not What She Looks Like

10Pay Attention to What She Says, Not What She Looks LikeIf you are out with your date, make sure you pay a lot of attention to what she has to say. Do not be too clingy or overenthusiastic as this will definitely turn her off. Be chill about it but make sure that you listen with your ears and not with your eyes (men tend to check out their dates’ assets more than they listen to what they have to say at times).

9. Ask Your Date Where She Grew Up

9Ask Your Date Where She Grew UpThe right question to ask on a first date usually starts with you finding out what her background is or where her passion lies. Do not ask as if you were the FBI interrogating a murder suspect with a flurry of questions as that would either intimidate or turn her off. Start slowly and ask a simple question like if she’s been living in the city you are in for a long time. If she has a story to tell, she will give you the answers you seek. You can get the feel if she is interested in your question or not. If she isn’t then it is time to move on to the next question.

8. Ask About Her Passions

8Ask About Her PassionsWomen love to talk about what they do. Whether it’s their work or what they love to do in their spare time, they really like to talk about it. So they key is to get her interested enough to talk about it and the best way to get to that is ask what she likes to do. You see, by asking about your date first, she will see that you are interested in her and not only because of her physical attributes. She knows that you want to get to know her, or make it seem that way.

7. Ask Her What She Likes to Do and Listen

7Ask Her What She Likes to Do and ListenOnce she starts opening up, you can ask a series of follow-up questions that are related to what she is talking about at that moment in time. Just make sure that you do not interrupt her. Let her finish what she is saying first before asking another question. Again, act like a date and not like an interrogator.

6. You Can Ask About Her Current Dating Situation

6You Can Ask About Her Current Dating SituationAt this point in the date, you can start asking about her dating life or lack thereof. You can ask her about her past but make it very light, as you have no way of knowing what her history is. If she chooses not to talk about it, let it go. Then, you can also ask what she likes in a man and get her to tell you what she is looking for in a relationship. However, if this is just a casual date then it might be best to avoid this line of questioning.

5. Show Her Your Sensitive Side

5 Show Her Your Sensitive SideOn the other hand, first dates are all about impressions and you can show her a serious side to you by asking her these questions. The best way to go about this is to play it by ear and see how she responds. After all, she might be just looking for a good time and not a relationship.

4. Ask What She Likes to Order

4Ask What She Likes to OrderWhile this is simple enough, some men act arrogant in assuming that they know what their dates want from the menu. Make sure that you do not fall into this and always ask what your date wants, especially since this is your first time with her.

3. Ask Questions Which Lead to Follow-up Topics

3Ask Questions Which Lead to Follow-up TopicsMake sure that when you ask questions, there will be room for a follow-up to the topic. There is nothing worse than getting a “yes” or “no” answer in which a long pause of awkwardness ensues.

2. Ask Her for Another Date

2Ask Her for Another DateTowards the end of the date, there is a question that you might have been thinking of asking all night and dreading this moment. Does she want another date with you? The perfect time to ask this is when you are dropping her off in her home, as you should since you are on a date. Whether you have a car or not is just details. Before she goes home, ask her plainly if she is willing to go out on another date with you.

1. Ask About How the Date Went for Her

1Ask About How the Date Went for HerDo not assume everything will fall into place just because you both had a good time. Ask her if she wants to and if she says yes, you are good for another date at another time. Who knows, before the date ends you might just be lucky enough to get that “first kiss” moment you’ve been dying to get all night! Remember to always be attentive to the details and pay attention to what your date is saying.

Never forget that the questions to ask on first date may determine whether you will have a relationship with the woman or if you will never see her again. Choose your questions wisely and always remember to listen to what your date has to say.

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