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Mr. RauRauR | May 25, 2024

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Top 10 Sex Games for Couples Who are Already Bored to Death in the Bedroom

Top 10 Sex Games for Couples Who are Already Bored to Death in the Bedroom

If everything is already predictable and all too familiar, even sexually compatible couples might find the flame slightly short on fuel. One way of relighting the fire in the bedroom is to agree to do sex games for couples. Before a new argument ensues, we’d like to be clear that this list does not include anything weird and unnatural. Kinky and exciting – yes. But we offer nothing too strange or too exotic for your taste. There are fun and more creative means of lighting up the passion that had brought you two together in the first place.

10. Twenty Questions in Bed

10 Twenty Questions in Bed

You and your partner can do this with the lights on and dressed, but what’s the fun in that? The point is letting go of your inhibitions while naked on the sheets. You can ask each other about questions that don’t really belong outside the bedroom such as sexual fantasies, pleasure fetishes and other intimate questions. The questions need not be limited to sexual matters. While making out, you can ask about more personal questions that you have not discussed before. You might find the set up very comfortable and much more meaningful. And who knows what fires of passion will be lit once again once you’re both aroused to newer heights?

9. Truth. Dare.

9 Truth. Dare.

You and your lover can transform this game to another level altogether. You may have to be patient and accommodating because this game requires both of you to write down dares. Make sure the dares that you put on paper will turn you on. You can also factor in what you know about your partner’s sexual preferences in writing down the dares. If you want to try it out first, write three dares each at most. You’ll need a container to put the pieces of paper in. When you’re both ready, dim the lights and start the game. You can have some wine on the side as well. Here’s one tip. Make sure the questions you will ask (there’s the “Truth” option, right?) are fun and sexy, too. Don’t bring old arguments or suspicions into the game, okay?

8. Striptease, and mean it.

8 Striptease, and mean it.

This might take a bit of preparation with a few provocative dance moves. But if you’re both into the idea, play that stereo to a hot striptease track and peel it off slowly. Women can learn to lap dance and if they pull it off, there will surely be many hot nights to follow. Here’s one advice. If you’re doing a striptease, make sure you follow the rules. There is to be no touching while you take off your clothes one item at a time. If you’re both gamblers, do the striptease with a game of poker or dice.

7. Paint each other

7 Paint each other

Who says you can only paint with your hands? You can paint with any body part. And who says you can only paint with oil or lotion? Edible paint materials can be easily purchased online. And you don’t even have to buy anything. If you’re in for a bit of an erotic mess, get the strawberry jam from the pantry and be creative with it. We still recommend the edible body paint (not as costly as you think) because there are so many kinky things you can do to each other with it. And make sure you continue the passionate exchange when you rinse each other on the shower.

6. Message on her back

6 Message on her back

You don’t need anything fancy with this game. Rather than whisper a dare, why not write the words on your partner’s back? The back is a very sensitive area of the body. You can also be creative as to what part of your body you’ll use to write. Think on it. Now, if your partner deciphers the message correctly, make sure you’ve agreed to do something that will give pleasure. You can set the stakes before the game, or you can always make it a hot and exciting surprise.

5. Twister in Bed

5 Twister in Bed

This is exactly like the game that you know how to play with your clothes on. The only difference is that you do it naked. If you’re planning for some acrobatic moves, make sure you put the Twister mat down on the floor lest one or both of you spill off the bed and get hurt (no pleasure in that). You may cheat by stealing a kiss here and there.

4. Sexy Dice

4 Sexy Dice

When you play this game, make sure you’ve set the rules. It’s really quite simple. Both players must do what the dice says. One cube spells out the body part while the other spells out what need to be done to it. You have to take turns throwing the dice. Don’t put a timeframe to the game. Before long, you might find each other abandoning the game anyway.

3. Sexy Cards

3 Sexy Cards

This game is similar to Sexy Dice. If you don’t have die pieces, you may use a deck of cards. This takes a bit more preparation because you have to agree what each card suit stands for. You can assign a particular sexual favor to a suit (fine, write it down, if you are that forgetful). You must be strict in following the rules. You also don’t need to finish the whole deck and you may both abandon the cards and get on with it once you’ve got each other going.

2. Touching Game

2 Touching Game

This game is not for the fainthearted. This is also bordering on strange, but still within the bounds of mainstream kinky sex. What this game involves blindfolding the partner and touching the person’s most private body parts with certain objects. If you’d rather touch with another body part then so be it. Every correct answer is rewarded with a sexual fantasy made into reality. Of course, you have to both agree that the rewards are to be claimed much later.

1. It’s Time

1 It’s Time

This is another game for the bold and the passionate. It is the most simple of all, and probably the most challenging. You can set the timer to five or seven minutes. Go into a confined space (or a pitch dark bedroom will do) and get on with a quickie. If that doesn’t spice up your relationship again, then we really can’t do anything more for you.

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