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Mr. RauRauR | June 8, 2024

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Top 10 Types of Women Seeking Sex Who Can Give You the Time of Your Life

Top 10 Types of Women Seeking Sex Who Can Give You the Time of Your Life

If you’re the type of guy who likes to have options, do know that there are plenty of women you can have relations with. In fact, women seeking sex today is not considered to be a taboo anymore. In modern culture, women can seek relations with men as much as the latter does. It’s up to you to decide what you want to set your sights and where to find them. One thing you have to realize is that there are many different kinds of women and a variety of ways on how you should properly approach them for a successful attempt at knocking boots. Listed below are the top 10 types of women who are out to get sex.

10. The Cougar10 The Cougar

A cougar is an older woman who seeks out younger men as her “prey.” She can either be in a boring marriage or has been divorced and is seeking out some fun in the form of relations with younger men. A cougar dresses provocatively most of the time and she is very direct to the point. This means that she does not play coy. Once she sees someone she likes, she goes right at him. Having sexual relations with her is like being in a tornado. Her experience as well as confidence makes her a very viable partner in the bedroom. So where can you most likely spot a cougar in this urban jungle? She can be found in clubs or bars where the young crowd also hangs out. She does this to blend in and of course, spot somebody she might like.

9. The Girl at the Bachelorette Party

9The Girl at the Bachelorette PartyAll right, so you might be doing an apex predator move by doing this, but women that are around other women that are getting married are considered easy pickings. There are a number of reasons as to why. For one, this woman is out to have a good time and given the probable amount of emotion with her friend getting married, she might look for a guy at the party. Now this is a huge advantage for you since bachelorette parties involve only women so you do not have competition at all. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. So when do you approach this beauty? When she’s had a bit to drink and begins to become chatty, that is when you make your move.

8. The Emotional Wreck8The Emotional Wreck

This type of woman is one who had just recently been dumped or broke up with someone. She might not be receptive at first but once you break through her emotional barrier, you might be in for quite a treat. Make her laugh or forget about her troubles and your night could end up as a success. This woman can be found in parties or bars and even nightclubs with friends around her for “emotional support”. To spot one, just find the woman in the group who seems the least enthused to be there.

7. The Good Girl


7The Good GirlDo not let looks deceive you. Everyone has a dark side to them, even women who appear to be timid and conservative. They just choose not to show what they are really thinking about. So if you set your sights on somebody like this, there is a chance that this is also a woman seeking sex but she just doesn’t know it yet. It is up to you to find her weak spot and make her pay attention to you. The good girl type can be found in galleries, theater shows, museums and god forbid even libraries. Just approach her with an intellectual question at first and pretty soon, she’ll be paying all of her attention to you.

6. The Adventurer

6The AdventurerThis is the type of young lady who has recently become sexually active and is willing to experiment in order to learn and of course, enjoy the process as well. So how will you be able to figure out which one is the adventurer? Most likely, she will be young and probably be in college. When you talk to her, she is full of sexual innuendos and flirtatious in a way. This means she is very willing to go home with you IF you push the right buttons. Get to her simply by acting like a mature man who knows exactly what she wants.

5. The Lonely Heart

5The Lonely HeartThis is the single woman who has been out of touch in the romance department for quite some time due to a number of reasons, and it is your job to make her feel special again. After all, she’s also looking for sex. Although she isn’t the type you can just dine and dash out from, you can easily get to her by showing her a lot of attention. She can be found alone at parties, with other female friends or eating in a restaurant alone.

4. The Grenade

4The GrenadeSimply put, she’s the more unattractive one of the group you’ve been eyeing on all night. Regardless if she’s a six or lower, she’s still a woman and she still has needs. So how do you end up going home with this woman? It is very simple. Give her all your attention and none towards her hotter friends. If it’s easy pickings you want, this is the way to go.

3. The Cat Person

3The Cat PersonWe all know that cat people are ones who do not spend a lot of time interacting with other humans, but there is a chance that some women seeking sex are like that too. So how can you get a woman like that? Simply by playing to her interests and talking about cats, of course. You can find this type of woman in the animal park or at the groomers. If you’ve got a cat, that would be a bonus.

2. The Drinker

2The DrinkerShe can be found in bars, clubs, lounges and basically any hotspot in town. If you approach her the right way and buy her a drink (or three) you could end up being her mister right now. You can easily spot her. She’s the one that drinks a lot and dances on everywhere.

1. The Online Sensation

1The Online SensationThere is no better place to find women looking for sex than the Internet. Basically any social media you come across with, there are a lot you can find just by filtering your search or looking at their interests. Try your luck and maybe one is really in your area looking to hook up.

Women seeking sex are normal these days. In fact, you could say that the ratio in which women are actively looking for relations is the same as those with men. Apply the tips listed above and try your luck!

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