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Mr. RauRauR | June 17, 2024

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Understanding Women: 10 Ways to Discover What Women Really Want

Understanding Women: 10 Ways to Discover What Women Really Want

Women want to be loved and accepted for who and what they are.  That is a given fact.  They are not just objects nor ornaments to be displayed.  Here are 10 tips in trying to understand what women really want:


1. “So, I Heard You Are A Player, Meet The Coach”

how to understand women

See, most men have this machismo image that they can get any woman they want.  Women are smart and never underestimate their power to think and analyze.  Once they see the collector, the hunter, or  perceived predator, the softest blow would be a brush-off.  The worst part is, they would also play your game and beat you to it.


2.  “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing”

understanding women's sexuality

Women are women despite any race or creed.  Treat her and her beliefs with respect and the dignity she deserves.  Be sensitive to what she is also sensitive of. Tact is one of the arguments that most women have with their partners. Be subtle and prudent.


3. “Wannabe”

dating advice

The Spice Girls really hit a nerve on everyone when they asked, “Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.” Now comes the concept of active listening.  Arguments flare because there was no comprehension  Listen first before uttering a word.  Do not try to interrupt.


4. “In A Different Light”

understanding women's body language

Martin Gore and the rest of Depeche mode scored big-time when they came out with that anthemic “Somebody”.  This is not just a love song.  This particular phrase still strikes a nerve, “Though my views may be wrong, they may even be perverted,  she’ll hear me out, and won’t easily be converted.” Learn to interact, learn to share her innermost thoughts and feelings and see things with perspective.


5. “What Are Words For”

understanding women + emotional needs

I remember that line taken from “Words” by “Missing Persons”.  If she says things like, “ok, fine!”, then that means she’s exasperated.  If she says, “that’s alright”, immediately look at her body language and the way that she said it.  It may seem alright to you but not with her. Another line would be, “whatever”, which means, one more and you’re going to get it.  Moral of the story: Be mindful of her words.


6.  “Confessions Of A Drama Queen”

body language signs

Most men complain that women are drama queens.  Truth be told, even men are drama kings themselves.  Here’s the thin line on this subject: When men are with women, they want to hear what they want to discuss. Anything that goes out of that topic, a woman is considered a drama queen and therefore, fights ensue.  In life, we take the good, the bad and the ugly.


7. “Throw Your Arms Around Me”

understanding women + sexuality

Hunters and Collectors nailed it. Kissing a woman on those four places? Here’s the thing, it’s not only on what you want to do to her in bed that matters.  Feel her kiss and her touch.  Sex is not just an expression but the highest affirmation of your love and respect for her.


8. “Censure Me With Your Wisdom”

how to attract women

Shakespeare did get it but most men still don’t.  Women do not like to be criticized in a very blunt manner especially with their clothes, the food that they eat or their perceived odd behavior.  On a general note, you’ve accepted her for who and what she is so if there is nothing wrong, let her be. Let her blossom and grow with you and not for you.


 9.  “Laughter is The Best Medicine”

dating tips

Enjoy the puns and the jokes.  Sometimes nice jokes can lead to naughty and fun things.  Having a sense of humor erases the drudgery of a bad day.  This is your moment to understand her better, what ticks and pleases her the most.


10.  “Treasure For Measure”

relationship advice to help men in understanding women

Women have many body languages that often reveal what  they want or otherwise. There is no hard and fast rule to that except for being aware of such.  So please, do not lead them on.  There are always rules everywhere.  It’s not about winning nor the prize.   It’s about trust and nurturing that leads to understanding.

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