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Mr. RauRauR | June 23, 2024

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How To Make Love: Top 10 Tips For Mind-Blowing Sex

How To Make Love: Top 10 Tips For Mind-Blowing Sex

Sure, we like to brag every now and then about how awesome we are in bed.

We’re wired for conquests and admitting that we’re uh, a little short in that department is like committing social suicide. Back up that bragging by giving your lady friend a mind-blowing sexual encounter she won’t soon forget.

How? By taking these awesome tips to heart of course! Allow us to teach you how to make love the right way. You’re welcome.


1. Stimulate her biggest sex organ.

how to make love to a woman

Your lady friend’s biggest sex organ is her brain – surprise, surprise.

Turn her on by letting her imagination go wild and trust us – everything else will follow. Send her a sexy text or email. Call her and let the talk get a little dirty. This is assuming that she digs you as well, otherwise it’s a restraining order for you.


2. Respect.

how to make love to your wife

If you expect sex to happen, there should be a level of trust. Start with respect. If she knows that you respect her, she’ll feel safe and comfortable with you. The best lovers in the world care about their partners. It doesn’t have to be love. You just need to have this genuine care and respect for women in general.


 3. Warm her up.

how to make love to a girl

Men get turned on easily. Most of the time, women need more time. The subtle art of warming her up can take you places, so don’t skip this part. Whisper in her ear. Plant little kisses at the nape of her neck. A long make out session is in order. Don’t rush. Remember that good things come to those who wait.


4.  Know when the time is right.

how to make love to your girlfriend

How? Read into her body signals. Is she ready for more foreplay? Will groping be good at this point? Watch her reaction closely.

Tread lightly as going too fast will make you a pervert. Going too slow, on the other hand, will make you a wussy. Grown men know how to make love by building the tension well. Remember, timing is everything.


5.  Do it slow.

sex tips for guys

If you’re kissing her inner thighs and building up the tension, do it slow. The anticipation will kill her – figuratively of course. Make her want you bad, and even if she asks you to “do it”, don’t.  Frustrate her a little, but not too much. Again, read into her reactions. Timing is of the essence.


6. Take the reins.

sex tips for guys

Lead. It’s your job to. Validate her femininity by taking the lead in the bedroom – she would want you to.

No, we’re not talking about vanilla sex. You could have the opposite and still make her feel like a woman.

Dominate, but do not be domineering. Don’t force her into something she doesn’t like. Be in control and not controlling. And no, you cannot be abusive no matter what.


7.  Be a pleasure-giver.

kinky sex

To truly have mind-blowing sex, it has to be her pleasure first before yours. Get her to orgasm a couple of times before intercourse. Ask her what she wants, and follow. Do the positions she likes. If she’s into the kinky stuff, experiment with her. Give everything to make her climax and be okay without getting any – that’s the quality of a great lover. Be genuine and giving.


8. Now get to make love for the first time

Now that you know how to make love, let the lady reciprocate. After tip #7, your lady friend will be too happy to do things to please you. This is a secret that most men do not know. She’ll give back all the pleasure that you’ve given her, and will be more receptive to you. It’s a win-win situation, really.


9. Be gracious.

phone sex

Assuming that the experience was so great and you definitely want a next time, be gracious. Tell her it was wonderful and thank her. If it’s in the cards, tell her you’re looking forward to a next time. And the next time that you call her and whisper those dirty things in her ear, she’ll remember the pleasure. Hello, turn on.


10.  Don’t stop learning.

sex tips for men

Research. Read up on new ways. Always learn something new and do not be afraid to take risks and experiment (just as long as you’re not causing harm and pain or breaking the law). Be inventive, imaginative and intuitive.


The thing about mind-blowing sex is, it’s not in the size. It’s not in the performance even. It’s all about being confident in yourself and a genuine desire to please. Coupled with these tips on how to make love the right way, you’re in for the best times of your life. Enjoy.

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