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Mr. RauRauR | June 17, 2024

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How To Read A Face Like A Book: A Beginner’s Guide To Face Reading

How To Read A Face Like A Book: A Beginner’s Guide To Face Reading

According to face reading experts, your facial features are there for a reason. They say that the face is a topographical depiction of one’s personality. It is the gateway to your soul. It also reveals your life: past, present and future.

So take it from the pros, here are 10 face reading secrets that are worth knowing:


Face shape

People with round faces are compassionate and caring. These people have strong sexual fantasies and go for steady and long term relationships.

Those with oblong faces are practical, systematic and tend to be overworked. They are muscular and athletic. Unfortunately, they are said to be narcissistic and may be involved in problematic relationships.

Triangular faces are often associated with intellectual persuasion. According to Chinese face readers, they have a fiery personality and are creative.

Square faced persons are dominating and aggressive. But they are intelligent and decisive. They are also perceived to possess good analytical skills.


Face profile

Hard headed and impatient people have a sloping forehead, rather prominent brows and a large curved nose. They are called convex face profiled persons.

On the other hand Conclave profiles have protruding foreheads, flat brows and  smaller nose. These are patient and good natured individuals.

If you are not convex nor conclave, then you are plane profiled. No facial features are prominent and the face is more balanced. These people are consistent and level headed.



People with straight foreheads are progressive thinkers. They are slower because they think one step a time and do not have quick reflexes. They are not good when they are  working under pressure.

Those who have sloped foreheads are the opposite: They are fast thinkers who cannot slow down.  Bu they are prone to wrong decisions because they are impulsive decision makers .

On the other hand, creative people have a curved forehead. These persons are imaginative and creative, hence they are more inclined to the arts. Geniuses are thought to have curved foreheads.



Black haired individuals are calm and melancholic. People with brown hair are responsible, especially in handling their finances. They are also hardworking and reliable.

Blondes have a good memory and possess the strongest consciousness. Blonde hair color is also associated with youthfulness and obedience.

Dark red hair represents skepticism and anger while bright red hair is romantic and passionate. If men have no hair, they are cunning, clever and intelligent.



If a guy has prominent eyes, he is kind hearted and approachable. He is also bright and happy. Small eyes reveal a perfectionist and attentive person. Those with close-set of eyes have good concentration while people with wide eyes have little regard for persons in authority. Deep set eyes indicate that one is intense and observant.



People-oriented individuals have curved eyebrows. They relate their understanding to their dealings with people.

Individuals who have straight eyebrows are technical and have an eye for details. Their decisions are based on facts and not emotions.

Angled eyebrows reflect authority because others have a hard time challenging them. They are mentally focused and they like to be right all the time. In fairness, they are often right.



A person with  a straight nose is cordial and warm. He is good mannered and sets a  high standard for himself to follow. An aquiline nose connotes power, pride and determination. Snub noses are usually accompanied by literary or poetic talents. A person with a curved nose is sharp, curious but quarrelsome. Noses that point up and curved in belong to cheerful and enthusiastic people.



Men with small mouth tend to be shy.  Large mouthed people are talkative. The width of the mouth is indicative of a person’s generosity.  Thin top lips and full bottom lips belong to people who are not able to reciprocate in a relationship. A full top lip and thin bottom lip is that of a generous and giving person. An individual with small lips is self-centered while heart shaped lips are believed to show confidence and independence.


Jaw line

A strong jaw line says that the individual is quick to judge and is stubborn. He also has high stamina and endurance. Weak-willed persons have a weak jaw line. They have a weak personality and are easily influenced by other people. A highly competitive person has a wider jaw line and hates losing.



Wrinkles around the eyes show that you are open-hearted and spread happiness everywhere. They are also called joy lines. If vertical frown lines form between the eyes, that person is decisive and hard working. Purpose lines are those that extend from the nose down to the mouth. If you have these lines, you are going to the right path in life.

Face reading is not as exact as science. But facial characteristics are guides and points to consider when we meet people and look at ourselves. In the end, we are the creators of our fate. We may never change our face, but we can always change our fate. Take this advice, at face value.

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