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Mr. RauRauR | March 13, 2024

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Top 10 Online Sex Shops for Men

Top 10 Online Sex Shops for Men

Sexual displeasure is one of the main reasons that force once happily married couples into divorce. For this reason, the demand for sex toys has increased dramatically over the years. Here are 10 of the best online sex shops that can turn your intimate moments from boring to mind-blowing.


10. Fantasy Doll

fantasy doll sex shop

Do you love dolls? At, you will find a gallery of seductive Japanese love dolls. Each of these silicone dolls is custom-made to satisfy your wild imagination. Now you can have a wild brunette or a sweet geisha anytime of the day.



shop in private sex shop

Since 1998, Shop In Private has served countless men who love to buy offbeat toys discreetly. It offers some of your all-time favorites such as the Flesh light as well as health and grooming essentials.
8. Babe Land


babeland online sex shop

From a must-have Tenga Flip and cock ring vibrators to blow job kits and penis pumps, Babe Land offers every adventurous toy imaginable. And since Babe Land donates a portion of their revenue to breast cancer patients, men are free to call this one as “sex with a cause”.




kanojotoys online sex shop

Japan’s expertise is not limited to electronic devices and cars. In fact, it’s here that you’ll also find one of the world’s most popular sex shops, Kanojo Toys. It offers a wide range of silicone onaholes, lubricants, erection creams, and other products that guarantee hours of pleasure in bed whether you’re with someone or not.




toysfourplay online sex shop

Does your job require you to be away from home most of the time? Worry not because with a life-size pocket pussy with matching vibrating bullet, you can still experience multiple orgasms anytime, anywhere. Also available are sexy women’s costume perfect for role playing games in bed.
5. Love Honey


Love Honey sex shop

This British company offers a wide array of products at a discount. It has interesting erotic books and hardcore porn DVDs apart from erotic toys that come with their essential components such as batteries, chargers, storage, and cleaning tools.


4. Real Touch


Real Touch sex shop

Not many sex shops carry a cybersex feature. saves you from sending a chunk of emails to a woman before you can get an orgasm. Upon purchasing a Realtouchinteractive Joystick, the store will display a gallery of its beautiful models. Just pick a partner and then the action begins.



3. My Pleasure


My Pleasure online sex shop

Not everybody can afford a We Vibe II or other expensive vibrators; is very much aware of this. The store offers vibrators, erection rings, and masturbation toys at reduced prices. Now you can get quality sex toys without breaking the bank.
2. Maison Rouge


Maison Rouge online sex shop

An erotic session calls for some kinky items like bondage material and leg cuffs. Thanks to Maison Rouge, you can now buy these sophisticated toys proven to accelerate your woman’s libido. If you want her level of lust to resemble that of Anastasia Steele of Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the store you should go to.


1. Adam & Eve


adam and eve online sex shop
One of the earliest sex toy stores in the world,continues to offer toys that improve mature people’s sex lives. These toys add pleasure to sexual intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation. Men’s health supplements are also available in the store’s catalogue.


Your Turn

What are your favorite online sex shops? Do they have adult novelties worth investing in?


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