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Mr. RauRauR | April 23, 2024

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Top 10 Awesome Home Workouts for Men (No Equipment Required)

Top 10 Awesome Home Workouts for Men (No Equipment Required)

Do you believe that home workouts for men are better than lifting weights in the gym?

Most men think that exercise is ineffective without the use of equipment. Although the sight of weights, pump irons, and treadmills can stimulate the fitness enthusiast, daily routines of workouts still provide a man with the sexiest body possible. In fact, men who are popular with their body buildup admit that they have personal home workouts without using any fitness devices.

Here are the top 10 home workouts for men with no equipment that will surely make you sexier, hotter, and popular.


10. Tactfit Flow Step

Tactfit Flow Step

This is perfect for those who like ninja moves. It starts by placing both feet and hands flat on the floor then bending your hips at a right angle. Then, make a slanted line with your body by lifting your right leg upwards.


Forcibly pull your right leg back to the ground; preferably, to the spot where your hands are. At the same time, extend your arms to both sides as if you are flying. Hold your last position and repeat the process with your left leg. It will build your legs, glutes, and core muscles.


9. Leg Swoop

Leg Swoop

This workout begins by extending your arms on the ground. Bend your legs without the knees reaching the floor. It’s like you are preparing to run with both legs bent.


From this position, move the left leg out in between your arms and right leg. Move it back to its position by pulling it behind you. Lift the right leg up so the left leg can pass backwards. Repeat the process with the right leg. This routine builds both legs and core.


8. Quad Hop Squat

Quad Hop Squat

Start this by doing a deep squat. Make sure that your heels lay flat on the floor. Then, hop your feet backwards to form a compressed push up position with knees off the ground. From here, push yourself back to the deep squat position. This is one of the workout routines for men that build up both core and legs.


7. The Kong

The Kong

Begin with a deep squat position and stretch your arms forward, touching the floor. Hop your feet next to your arms and hold the position. Go back to the deep squat position and repeat the process.


The Kong is among the numerous at home workouts for men used for warming up. However, trainers believe that constant landing your heels can enhance your body’s core.


6. Four-Way Bear Crawl

Four-Way Bear Crawl

This workout is simple. Get on all fours and bend your knees 90°. Make sure that your hips are up and that your knees are off the floor. Start crawling 5 yards forward with this position. After which, crawl 5 yards to the left, 5 yards backwards, and 5 yards to the right. This will help you build your upper and lower muscles.


5. Crab Toe Touch

Crab Toe Touch

Make an all four position upside down – arms beneath the shoulders and feet beneath the knees. Lift your left leg and right hand and try to reach the toes of your left leg. Do this without removing your right leg and left hand. Repeat the process 10 times for each pair of arm and leg.


Aside from core and legs, the Crab Toe Touch will also enhance your abdominal muscles.


4. Alligator Lunge

Alligator Lunge

Go for the push up position with hands beyond the width of your shoulders. Move your right hand forward while moving your left leg next to your left arm. Do this simultaneously while pausing after each repetition. Aim for at least 15 yards for this workout.


3. Straight-Leg Crab Hip Raise

Straight-Leg Crab Hip Raise

You start the workout by sitting your heels on a bench and by resting your butt to the ground. Lift your hips to the same height of your feet by supporting your body with your arms. Pause for 5 seconds and then lower your body back to the first position. Do this exercise 10 – 15 times as a routine to enhance your upper body.


2. Elevated Bird Dog Reach

Elevated Bird Dog Reach

This requires you to get on all fours without letting your knees touch the ground. However, make sure to bend your knees 90°. From the starting position, lift your right leg and left arm up to the same level of your body. Hold it for 3 seconds then lower them to the floor. Do it with the other pair and make a daily habit of 8 repetitions to boost your body’s balance and upper muscles.


1. Unrestrained Sit Ups

Unrestrained Sit Ups

You read it right. Our best workout in making you a sexier hunk is sit ups. Unlike the traditional sit up, you don’t need to lock your feet to do it. Simply lie on your back and lift your knees 90° while your feet rest flat on the floor. For beginners, let your hands rest on both sides while others can cross their arms on the chest or put them both under your head. Do 15 repetitions a day as a start but experienced men can go for more than a hundred.

Have fun working out and let the ladies feast their eyes on you!


 Your Turn

Do you have your own home workouts for men that no longer require any use of fitness equipment? Share it with us by leaving it in the comments section below.

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