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Mr. RauRauR | June 23, 2024

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Top 10 Sex Education Pros and Cons and The Fine Line Between Them

Top 10 Sex Education Pros and Cons and The Fine Line Between Them

While most people of the older generation tend to frown upon the current state the media is in with all the sex and violence that is incorporated into everything, we must face the fact that sex is easily made available to anyone who wishes for it. The best thing to go about this is to arm yourself with information which you can use to protect yourself as well as your children. However, some might say that teaching about sex in schools can be harmful which is why there are sex education pros and cons. Here are just some of the possible scenarios you can look into.

10. PRO: Sex Education Leads to Safe Sex10PRO Sex Education Leads to Safe Sex

There are thousands of movies and TV shows as well as publications that promote sex, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. That being said teenagers are more likely to copy what they see and engage in sexual activities because of what that. In order to prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancies, sex education will inform teenagers on how to properly engage in sex. The proper usage of contraceptive devices, how to engage in it as well as alternative sexual acts are just some of the topics covered under sex education.

9. CON: Sex Ed May Create Curiosity About Sex9 CON Sex Ed May Create Curiosity About Sex

Although this is highly unlikely, it could be said that teaching sex in schools can lead to curiosity about it and lead teens to engage in the act out of sheer morbid curiosity. Weirder things have happened so this scenario could be a possibility as to why certain people are against sex education in schools.

8. PRO: Sex Myths Debunked8PRO Sex Myths Debunked

The problem with young ones not being taught of what sex is that there are common misconceptions about it that can prove to be disastrous. For instance, some kids believe that having sex for the first time will not lead to pregnancy. In truth, this is the complete opposite. Teens can be taught that disease can be acquired without the use of a condom, which some do not believe. Dispelling myths is a huge pro of having sex education in schools.

7. CON: Embarrassment and Inappropriate Behavior7CON Embarrassment and Inappropriate Behavior

Alright, so the teens are in class and there is a good mix between male and female students. It is with certain likelihood that they will laugh all throughout or not take it seriously. Plus, some students may be shocked with certain facts and feel embarrassed of learning what sex is. While this really isn’t a problem, it could be a disadvantage for some.

6. PRO: Learning the Right Terminologies6PRO Learning the Right Terminologies

Sex education is what it is: education. If it were a perfect world, sex would be just sex. Unfortunately, there is more to it than just the act. There are proper terms for body parts and other sex-related activities that will prove to be beneficial if students are taught of them.

5. CON: Culture and Religious Beliefs5CON Culture and Religious Beliefs

While there might not be any problems with the sex education itself, the people in the community might have a problem with it. Certain cultural beliefs and religious sectors may not approve of teaching about sex to teens as it could be seen as sinful and/or uncouth. This is evident in certain third-world countries and nations that are mostly of Islamic faith.

4. PRO: Teach Now, Benefit Later4PRO Teach Now, Benefit Later

The great thing about sex education is that when teens are properly taught at their tender age, they can carry this information with them all through adulthood. You might say that it can lead to avoiding various diseases and misconceptions about sex. Unfortunately, even adults to this day have beliefs that are really myths of sex and believe it wholeheartedly due to the lack of education when they were younger.

3. CON: Teachers May Not Necessarily Be the Best Mediums3CON Teachers May Not Necessarily Be the Best Mediums

Students hold their teachers with high regard in a sense that whatever is fed to them, they will believe as fact since there is an impression that an educator knows everything. Unless the teacher is a qualified professional, mistakes can be made and personal biases may be taught to the kids which can lead to misinformation.

2. PRO: Believe it or Not, Abstinence2PRO Believe it or Not, Abstinence

There has been concrete proof that a vast number of students who have been taught of the dangers of premarital or casual sex have remained abstinent for a longer period of time as opposed to those that were not given sex education in school. A little help goes a long way and for some to remain abstinent due to proper sex education, complications in adulthood can be avoided.

1. CON: Not a Valid Subject and Not Taken Seriously1CON Not a Valid Subject and Not Taken Seriously

The common problem with sex education is that since it is not a graded subject and just more of a side course where there are no tests, teens seem to see this as more of something that they do not take seriously and just have fun with it. Unless changes are made to make it a graded subject, students might just remain to see this as a subject they need not pay attention to.

There are plenty of sex education pros and cons but the fact still remains that having information is definitely better than none at all.

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