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Mr. RauRauR | April 22, 2024

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Top 10 Questions to Ask Girlfriend but You Are too Shy to Voice Out

Top 10 Questions to Ask Girlfriend but You Are too Shy to Voice Out

Sometimes there is that awkward moment when you are with your girlfriend that you just keep quiet and be deep in your own thoughts. In all probability, you might have some questions lurking in your mind but you are too shy or afraid to ask lest she might be offended. It can be a silly or trivial query but out of curiosity about her personality or desire to be closer to her, you just want to make an inquiry when you have the chance. Read the following top 10 questions to ask girlfriend and see if there are any you can relate to.

10. When did you have your first drink?

first drink

Well, you might want to know how early or how late your girlfriend started to have alcoholic drinks. Your curiosity may have been piqued when you saw that she is a far better drinker than you are. Perhaps when you recall the first time you went for a drink, you were amazed by how she consumed the contents in her glass faster than you did. It is not really bad to ask this question as long as you do it in a well meaning manner. Make sure you phrase your query in a nice way so she will not take it wrongly.

9. How many men have you slept with?

How many men have you slept with

It is difficult to ask this question directly to a girl, much less your girlfriend. Nonetheless, if you really have to know, then go ahead and get the answer right from her. The proper time to do this however is when both of you are in a relaxed mood. It will be awkward for you to throw the question when she has had a bad day or she is in the middle of an important work. An ideal setting and time is when you are both having a conversation and a drink in some quiet place. But if you sense that she is sensitive on such topics, better refrain from asking as you might ruin the evening or worse, your relationship.

8. How much do you earn?

How much do you earn

This question is rather rude but there are men who tend to be privy on their girlfriends’ lives they want to know everything including her take home pay. If it matters that you get this information from her try to obtain it in a subtle way. In fact you may do the inquiry indirectly. One clever way to do this is during a light conversation. Drop a hint about your salary and she will more likely follow suit.

7. What games did you use to play as a kid?

What games did you use to play as a kid

This is a cute question. It is but natural for a couple in a relationship to want to know what the other used to do as a child. You may first share your childhood with her so you can get her trust and make her share with you too the games she used to play when she was little. For all you know, you can recreate your younger years together by reliving and replaying the good old days together.

6. What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite food

Of course, you need to know this information. It is important that you are aware of her likes and dislikes. Asking her about her favorite food will also help you decide which restaurant to take her when you go out to dine. Or better yet, you can surprise her with her favorite food which you cooked at home on your own. These little things count a lot for a stronger relationship.

5. What is your middle name?

What is your middle name

Girls like it when they see their boyfriends taking real interest in them and their personal background. If she has a unique or foreign sounding name, ask her the origin of that name. She will be thrilled to know that she is getting real attention from you and that little things such as name origins matter to you.

4. What type of books do you read?

What type of books do you read

This question needs classification. Not all people are book lovers so you might want to ask her in general what reading materials she usually prefers. If both of you turn out to like books, you can even become reading buddies. It is good to share the same passion with your girlfriend so you will not get bored from each other too soon.

3. Do you like having kids around you?

Do you like having kids around you

If you are in a serious relationship with your girlfriend, do not be shy to ask this question. This could help you understand her more on her longings in life and her personal plans for her future with you. A girl who likes having kids around can be a good mother. From there, you can discern if she is willing to be the mother of your children when the time comes.

2. Where do you want to be married?

Where do you want to be married

Do not be too forward when asking this question lest your girlfriend might misinterpret that you are proposing to her. Throw the query in passing or as an incidental question during a casual conversation. Even if you do want to marry her, it is better to keep your plan in the meantime until you are very sure you really want to propose to her.

1. Will you marry me?

Will you marry me

And finally, the ultimate question! Your girlfriend must have been waiting for this for a long time already. During your relationship, you may have built a special connection that you do not want to part with each other anymore. You want to live together and perhaps grow old together. Ask her this question in a very special way. Of course do not forget the rock or the engagement ring. It does not have to be an expensive jewelry but at least pick one that is decent enough to be worn around by your would be fiancée.

Asking questions from your girlfriend is an effective means of strengthening your bond. But be sure to ask the right questions to ask girlfriend at the right time to avoid misunderstanding.

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