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Mr. RauRauR | June 23, 2024

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Top 10 Fun Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Top 10 Fun Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Despite being married, a couple must maintain the spark of their relationship by spending special time together. They must go out for dinner, drink or watch a late night movie and stroll in the park to reminisce the good old times. It is also good that they do activities that they both enjoy such as dancing, watching stage plays or just being with each other’s company. There are many fun date night ideas that a husband and wife can engage in as long as they are willing to arrange their schedules to accommodate their date nights.

There are many good suggestions on how couples can spend a meaningful night by themselves. You might want to check out some of these recommendations.

10. Stay overnight in a hotel

Stay overnight in a hotel

Spending at least a night in a hotel by your twosome is a great way to rekindle romance between husband and wife. It does not have to be a five star or luxury hotel as long as the room is clean, spacious, private and safe. Here, you can do the things you are restricted from doing at home for lack of privacy when the kids are around. You may go all the way, wear sexy clothes or none at all while you romp around with each other with no inhibitions.

9. Dine at your favorite restaurant

Dine at your favorite restaurant

Take note that this dinner is for just the two of you. No chaperones, please. Hire a trusted nanny to look after the kids so you can spend quality time with each other. You can order sumptuous dishes and a bottle of champagne for an enjoyable meal. Request for your theme song to be played to which you can dance if you want. There are many possibilities.

8. Do a marathon DVD watching

Do a marathon DVD watching

It is never corny to stay at home and watch DVDs that you have personally picked. There are many new movies out there that you may have missed watching because of work and family. You can opt to watch classic and old films as well. In the meantime you can curl side by side in the sofa or bed and enjoy a huge bowl of popcorn. The best way to wind up the night as you finish the last disc in your player is to cuddle under the sheets have sex or just doze off with your arms around each other.

7. Bake finger foods eat them together

Bake finger foods eat them together

Be sure you are the only people in the house to be able to relish this date night. You can arrange for a friend or family to pick up the kids on one weekend so you can have privacy. Exchange stories and sweet nothings while you are baking the goodies. Feed each other with the cookies you made. You can be kinky if you like, it depends on your mutual mood.

6. Watch a live band concert


Relive the days of your youth when you were not yet married. Watch a live band performance. It will be much better if the band is both your favorite. Try to immerse yourself in the act and go with the beat of the music. Feel young again. Shake off all inhibitions, worries and troubles in your lives by seizing and enjoying the moment.

5. Buy pizza and eat it in the car while you drive down the city

Buy pizza and eat it in the car while you drive down the city

Pizza is classic. It is great to share with your loved one while you drive down the city and enjoy the view of the city lights. You can stop by a nearby bridge and walk hand in hand while watching people go by. You may sit at the bench in a nearby park and share the tranquility of the surroundings. This is a nice time to exchange your thoughts about life, and perhaps your plans in the near future.

4. Take a bubble bath

Take a bubble bath

This can be done in your home, in a hotel or resort, depending on your reference and available time. Place some lighted candles with scent around the tub for a romantic feel. Grab bottle of champagne and two glasses so you can sip a drink while you enjoy the luxurious bath. Rub soap and explore each other’s body to stimulate your sensuality.

3. Go for a thrilling ride

Go for a thrilling ride

Remember when you were young and you would ride a Ferris wheel or roller coaster and then you would scream your lungs out due to the fear and thrill that you felt at the same time? Do that again with your spouse. On one fine evening, drive down to a theme park and take one ride after the other. Surely you will long remember the fun that you experience on that night.

2. Go for a night swim

Go for a night swim

Swimming at night is wonderful. It relaxes both mind and body. The quiet surroundings are also a plus factor that contributes to a romantic ambience. Try to race each other to the other end of the pool. You may also order some drinks and food that you can share at the poolside after swimming.

1. Stroll along the neighborhood

Stroll along the neighborhood

This is perhaps the most exhilarating date night idea for couples. The thought of being close to each other and walking while holding hands along the avenue may be reminiscent of your courtship days. You can get some corn dogs along the way and a drink to quench your thirst while you go around the lighted streets.

There are many more fun date night ideas on how a couple can spend a wonderful night together. These are wonderful ways to celebrate special events in your life as married couple such as anniversaries and birthdays. There are no rules here, just go and do what you like to do as long as it is safe and fun. You might have your own plan too. You can include your children if you want to and still have a great time throughout the night.

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