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Mr. RauRauR | April 18, 2024

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Top 10 Reasons – Why Do Women Like Facial Hair in Men

Top 10 Reasons – Why Do Women Like Facial Hair in Men

Generally, it has something to do with fetish. There are women who go crazy over men with beard and mustache while there are others who want the clean look type in men. According to psychologists, the reason behind why women react differently toward men with facial hair has something to do with their fathers. If a woman’s father had facial hair and she had a good relationship with him, she will most likely go for men with mustaches. But if it is the other way around, meaning a woman had a bitter relationship with her father she has the tendency to abhor men with beards. Be that as it may, it boils down to the preference issue. Focusing now on why do women like facial hair in men, here are ten reasons that explain why.

10. Distinguished look

Distinguished look

Men with facial hair can look very distinguished and intelligent looking. Mustache or beard makes a guy look matured and full of wisdom. This is because many older men do not shave their facial hair and you know how the law of association works. Women look up to their men who are years ahead of them because they have more wisdom and are more serious in life. Men who shave look younger and less mature and certain women often get turned off with boyish look.

9. Stylish


At present sporting stubble on the face is the top style among men. Stubble gives guys a stylish and classic look because it can highlight any fashion statement, be it modern, old fashioned or unconventional. Male models currently go with this form in order to create a character of their own persona. Will Smith is one example of a man who looks good with stubble facial hair style. Bruce Willis is another one. They can wear any kind of clothes and still look sexy and charming before the eyes of adoring women.

8. Serious personality

Serious personality

Somehow there is that aura of seriousness among men with facial hair. They can wear eyeglasses to complete the look and be admired by many females. Women like serious men because they feel more secure with them. The female species like the idea that someone strong, older, intelligent and stable will stay by their side to protect them. Women are considered the weaker sex and although they try to assert their strength now and again, deep inside they long to be swept away by some strong hands belonging to their ideal man.

7. Excellent facial frame

Excellent facial frameBeard that is slightly longer can give the face a nice, tough frame. It creates an outline along the jaws, making the face look slimmer and more solid. Tall men look fantastic with this facial hair style especially when they are a bit muscular. You can imagine how the Count of Monte Cristo would have looked like with his cape, boots, beard and all and relate it with a man in the present times. This is the typical look that many women usually dream about.

6. Carefree look

Carefree look

There are women who have fondness for guys who have that carefree attitude. Well, guys who do not shave appear to be that way. Actually, the real thing that draws women to such men is the attitude, not so much for the appearance. Not shaving is akin to rebellious character that leans on the dangerous side thus men who are this way exude with the bad boy appeal which comes charming to a number of females.

5. Serves as an accessory

Serves as an accessory

It may sound funny but sideburns and beards can serve as accessory for men. While women would don themselves with earrings and necklaces to look nice, men use facial hair to adorn themselves. Some men who have thick and stubborn facial hair just make the best out of such “asset” by styling their sideburns and beards and mustaches. Well, it does look delightful especially when matched with appropriate clothes.

4. Iconic


Famous male celebrities have turned their facial hair into an iconic style. When Clark Gable sported a thin mustache almost every guy who has seen Gone with the Wind also wanted to cut the style. Tom Selleck who gorgeously wears a complete mustache truly projects a debonair hunk image that women swoon about. Burt Reynolds, like Tom, also had a full mustache and for a long time he was considered one of the most popular macho icons in Hollywood.

3. Classic look

Classic look

Looking back in history, one will note that men in the early times never shaved the hair on their face. They may cut the loose ends every once in a while but they really did not shave at all. This could be attributed to the fact that there were no hair cutting tools yet that time. If you recall how long beards and mustaches played a great part in the characterization of men in those years, you will note that facial hair on men is a classic symbol of manhood that dates back to the time of our ancestors. Again, some women are fascinated with such style.

2. Sensual feel

Sensual feel

Most women will admit that they like the feel of facial hair rubbing against their skin when they go for intimate kissing with men. The sensation of a man’s facial hair brushing on a woman’s lips and face can elicit a sensual feeling that can bring women to the height of sexual desire.

1. Sexual turn on

Sexual turn on

Studies have proven that men with facial hairs can cause more sexual arousal in women. The hairs not only look sexy, they are functional too in stimulating the senses and sensitive body parts of a woman while she is having sex with a bearded or mustached man.

Do women like facial hair in men? While it is true that there is a significant number of women who like men with facial hair, this must not serve as encouragement for every guy to start sporting a mustache or beard. If having a beard looks well in a guy, so be it. However if he will only look like an old hermit, he must not even consider having a beard right from the beginning.


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