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Mr. RauRauR | July 21, 2024

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Top 10 Best Websites for Men Today that Appear to Continue Being the Top

Top 10 Best Websites for Men Today that Appear to Continue Being the Top

A man must do “manly” things, that is a given. Even the websites that we visit should be manly in nature. That being said, what best websites for men are available anyway? How would you know if the site you are currently visiting is geared towards your interests? Well, men love very basic things: women, beer, gadgets and cars. In this list we have compiled what we think is the best sites for men to visit to engage in “manly” stuff and nothing more.

10. Egotastic.com10. Egotastic10. Egotastic

Have you ever scoured the Internet for pictures of sexy celebrities that are available online? In addition, how many tabs have you recently opened just to get some resources on the current model you’re stalking? Well, if it’s photos of hot celebrities and models that you want, Egotastic is the one of the best websites for men. With plenty of bikini-clad hotties and the latest shockers for your ogling pleasure, this website is choc-full-of manly goodness. To make it easier for you, the site has been archived so you can narrow down the celebrity of your choice! If you are a Mila Kunis fanatic, you can easily browse for her in the site and view all the posts that have been made about her.

9. Wired.com9Wired

If you ever wanted to visit a site wherein all your favourite manly stuff in the entire world is compiled into one place, Wired is something you should not miss out on. There are features as well as articles about games, gadgets, music, science, technology and basically anything that will give you a nerdgasm. Needless to say, you will be thoroughly entertained with all the content that is geared especially towards the male span of interest. In the site, news and updates about your favourite games and tech stuff are posted everyday so you are “in the know”. No site is as comprehensive when it comes to gadgets and manly stuff like this one.

8. Brobible.com8Brobible

Man should help out his fellow man, whatever the situation is and no matter what happens. This site is dedicated for bros to help out their fellow bros when it comes to giving advice and a ton of other stuff related to guy issues. At the same time, this website brings out the college guy in all of us with comedic content, funny videos, news updates and even articles that pay particular attention to what guys want to read about. Of course, what would a site about bros be pictures oh hot babes, right? The Bro Bible has it all.


The Art of Manliness gives you everything that has to do about doing manly stuff: from sharpening a pocket knife to properly lifting weights and even tips on how to live efficiently to the best of your manly abilities. Truly, this site has everything you need to become a man’s man. If you ever had any doubts as to your capabilities, refer to this site to gain a little more insight on how to do things like a real man!

6. Men.webmd.com6Men.webmd

Sometimes, men have certain issues and “problems” that can be quite embarrassing to deal with even with the most discreet of medical professionals. The situation could be so embarrassing that even thinking about talking of it will make you feel flustered. Fortunately, the WebMD website for men is here to help you with those problems. You will see an archive of topics that pertain to men-related issues as well as being able to find the best solution for them. Being a man means you should be able to take care of parts which make you a “real man”. WebMD is the perfect solution for that.

5. Theawesomer.com5

The Awesomer website is a great web page for men who constantly want to read about new gadgets, cars, software and the like. Geared towards men’s interests, The Awesomer gives you the latest news about everything that goes on in the world of technology and sports.

4. Collegehumor.com4Collegehumor

This is a website that is geared towards male college students and it involves a lot of funny stuff about life in it. However, even adults can enjoy the content that College Humor has about dating life and various things that are entertaining.


Funny or Die is the brainchild of comedian Will Ferrell. Full of parodies and skits made available, men will surely have a great laugh looking at the content in this site.

2. 9gag.com29gag

As one of the most viral websites to hit the entire world, 9gag may not necessarily be exclusively for men but most of its users and members are. With tons of gags and memes uploaded every day, the humour in this site is unparalleled to any other web page on the Internet.

1. Greatist.com1Greatist

On the more serious side of things, men should pay particular attention to their health and lifestyle. Greatist is a site that is specifically geared towards men’s health and fitness issues, with content that spans from motivational articles to diet plans.

There are probably hundreds of other websites that are made for men like you who have a discerning taste for certain topics but these best websites for men listed are by far some of the most important ones that you should not miss out on. On the probability of the best websites for men, these take the cake.


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