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Mr. RauRauR | June 19, 2024

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How To Please A Woman: 10 Secret Ways To Blow Her Mind In Bed

How To Please A Woman: 10 Secret Ways To Blow Her Mind In Bed

Women blame bad sex on men and they are usually right. Men love sex like a fish loves water. But while a man’s satisfaction is often guaranteed, he needs to know how to please a woman to complete the sex act.

Here are 10 sex tips so you won’t strike out:


Dirty talk

Dirty talk

Talking dirty to women during foreplay gives them so much excitement and even arouses them to the point where they reach what is called as mental orgasm. When we say dirty talk here, we do not mean those complicated word combinations. We’re talking about the nasty ones. Be a foul mouth and cuss like a sailor. She’ll be wet as the sea.


Patience is a virtue

how to please a woman in bed

Women are like diesel engines. They start slow, but run long once they get going. Men are the opposite of that, so never beat her to the finish line.

Most women reach orgasm after 20 minutes of arousal and sexual activity. Arousal starts when her brain gets detached from anxiety and stress. The key here is to make her feel relaxed. So forget that quickie and be patient.


Kissing is key

sex tips for men

One of the key ingredients to a woman’s orgasm is to sustain her arousal. The simplest way to do that would be kissing. Kissing should not only be a part of the foreplay. It should be integrated in the entire act. Kissing makes her feel more connected to you. It is so important to her because it makes electricity flow through her veins.


Her body is a wonderland

pleasing a woman

No, don’t sing John Mayer’s song. Compliment her body and tell her how hot she is. Again, a woman gets more arousal if she is in a relaxed state of mind. Making her feel attractive as a goddess will make her feel very comfortable. So say it to her while you are right there in that moment.


Taking her downtown

how to please a woman orally

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. It is very responsive to touch, but it is even more responsive to tongue. So while men believe that oral sex is only part of the foreplay, women agree that oral sex is the perfect way to get her an intense orgasm. So you if you really want to please a woman, better re-think your game plan and include oral sex in the main event.


Slippery and wet

how to please a woman with your hands

The point here is to lube up first. If that arousal is not sustained long enough, the well could run dry. A long lasting and slippery lube would be a perfect mix to your hands, mouth and penis. It would complete your arsenal for battle. Having sexual contact with a dry well could be very painful for her. And remember that all it takes is that one small mistake and her whole nuclear plant gets shut down. That would be a Chernobyl-like disaster.


Rotate like a clock

oral sex

A scientific study showed that a woman gets more pleasure from a clitoral orgasm if men lick their vagina from a horizontal position. For the men, it is still licking her with up and down tongue action. But if since you are doing it from the 3-9 o’clock position, you are actually fondling across her clitoris. That unique position is what gives it the extra “ooh”.


Teach her how to doggy

how to pleasure a woman

Although the missionary is the traditional position, there is no clear rule in positioning. It is a matter of personal preference. But there is some science in doing the doggy style position. Studies revealed that pushing forward the front wall of the vagina generates simultaneous stimulation to different areas of her body like the prostate area, urethral, clitoris and vagina. She’ll explode from all the fireworks down there. This is one proof why a doggie is a man’s best friend.


Juggle your act

If a juggler can balance multiple balls in one act, you’ve got to have the balls to multitask. A woman can have different forms orgasms. These orgasms can be from the clitoris, cervix, vagina or the breasts. So if you use your hands, mouth and penis all at the same time, imagine what that would do to her brain. It’s going to blow her mind off. Now that’s one explosive way to please a woman.


Hitting the homerun

Read her like a pitch. The key here is to be observant and to pay close attention to her. This will be easy to detect: Her eyes will start roll and her body starts to tremble. At this moment, she’s nearly there. Continue what you are doing because the best way to will her to the top of that mountain is to apply more pressure against the clitoris. She’s hit a homer now.

Now that she’s hit a homerun, she’ll start looking for a grand slam. Game two is going to be tougher on you than on her. But having reached the next game is already a major league victory for you.

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