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Mr. RauRauR | December 16, 2019

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Hard Penis 101: Ten Ways to Get Stronger & Longer Erection

February 4, 2014 |

It is embarrassing not to have a hard penis when you need it, right? It’s either you’re sexually dysfunctional or your partner is not stimulating enough.

Suffering from limp erection is a real man’s nightmare and it can shatter both … Read More

Guys Night Out: Top 10 Best Las vegas Hotels For Men

January 31, 2014 |

It’s called Sin City and it’s never going to be subtle.

Las Vegas, in all ways, is a paradise for single men of every demographic looking to party, go clubbing, hook up, get drunk and just go – sinning (or … Read More

Sexual Massage: 10 Tips & Techniques That Will Turn Her On

January 22, 2014 |

Sure, we all claim to give great massages. But let’s be real: it’s really more of half-assed rubdowns to get us to what we really want. But perhaps you’ve seen the light. Perhaps the romance is fizzing, or you just … Read More

Top 10 Surprising Ways To Increase Your Sperm Count–Fast!

January 20, 2014 |

Do you want to know how to increase sperm count easily?

Insufficient sperm count is the main cause of male infertility. Luckily, there are lots of ways to resolve this including lifestyle and dietary changes. Here are 10 tips on … Read More

How To Shave Your Balls: 10 Tips You Must Know

January 15, 2014 |

Do you want to know how to shave your balls without accidentally cutting yourself?

The pubic area is more sensitive than the face. This means that aside from shaving carefully, you need to treat your balls after to prevent irritations. … Read More

Sex & Dating: 10 Hottest Dating Tips For Men

January 10, 2014 |

Ah women. They’re hard to decode and impossible to predict but we just can’t live without them. They often say one thing and mean another, and they can make dating so complicated.

So how do you go about saying or … Read More

Top 10 Best Deodorants For Men According To Women

January 7, 2014 |

You swipe on a deodorant for hygiene, why not make it sexy at the same time? No, gyrating while applying deo on your pits isn’t exactly what we have in mind. We’re talking about products that will make you smell … Read More

Top 10 Effective Ways To Stop Masturbation Addiction

January 6, 2014 |

Masturbation has been part of people’s sexual lives for thousands of years now. Though there are no evidences that show masturbation is harmful to the body, excessive masturbation can be a real problem not just physically but also spiritually. Here … Read More

Low Testosterone in Men: 10 Natural Treatments You Should Know

January 2, 2014 |

According to several studies conducted on men’s health, testosterone plays a vital role in the life of a man. This hormone defines what a real man is and responsible for the male secondary sex characteristics. Thus, maintaining balance is really … Read More

Top 10 Ways To Get A Bigger Dick Without Pills

December 31, 2013 |

Every man wants to know how to get a bigger dick. This is to ensure confidence during sex while bringing the woman into orgasm.

Penis growth stops when a guy reaches 21 years old. Still, there are natural ways to … Read More